Brian Caulfield , Speaker at Climate Conference 2022
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Title : Decreasing our transport emissions by 50% by 2030


Many countries around the world are striving towards reducing their transport emissions by up to and beyond 50% by the year 2030. To achieve this mammoth task governments and policymakers across the globe are being tasked with a significant issue in how to do this reduction in the most cost efficient and urgent way possible. This presentation will examine some of the common trends across the globe in achieving this goal of decarbonisation and transport, it will examine how many governments are struggling to achieve goals of higher numbers of electric vehicles and also the shift towards more sustainable modes of transport. The presentation will focus upon the Irish government's current policy objectives to achieve these emissions targets and how practical and realistic these targets and their possible successful. The talk will also draw on many recent international examples of how decarbonization in this sector is pressing ahead and what other countries can learn from them.


Dr Brian Caulfield is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, Trinity College Dublin. His background is in Transport Science and he has been a part of several large projects that have looked at behavioural change in transport. He has used many analysis techniques to measure the impacts of these changes such as stated preference, cluster analysis, nudging techniques and conducted many field trials. He has been active in transport research for over 10 years and to date has attracted €2.2m in research funding from both National and EU funding sources. In 2017, he addressed the Irish Citizens Assembly on Climate Change, providing evidence on what low carbon transport options Ireland could adopt to meet emission reduction targets. He has widely published on transport and its impacts on the environment, he has published over 120 journal and conference papers and has a H factor of 22. Dr Caulfield also sits on the Editorial Board of three world class and high impact journals, Transport Policy, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and the Environment and Case Studies on Transport Policy. He is also an Associate Editor of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews.