Astrid M Calderas , Speaker at Climate Change Conferences 2022
Econciencia y Salud A.C. Mexicali, United States
Title : Environmental health monitoring, characterization and geoinformatics


As global air quality standards remain unmet, the necessity for low-cost air quality monitoring tools to measure different contaminants such as Radiometer PI 9501 to measure different types of radiation, Purple Air to measure Particulate Matter of different sizes, and others such as handheld Temptop  to measure Particulate Matter, Formaldehydes and Volatile Organic Compounds is escalating in response to poor and unregulated air quality conditions in environmentally and socioeconomically disadvantaged communities worldwide. When operated and analyzed incorrectly, these tools lead us away from finding a solution to lowering air pollution levels. Instead of aiding the understanding of a community’s health and environmental standing, these resources cover unresolved issues in a “safety blanket.” Using various data sets gathered from multiple tools in combination with aircraft take-off and landing data, vehicle traffic counts, meteorological analysis, characterization assays including; air top 2", soil, tree cores, lichen, vegetables, geospatial analysis, and family health history surveys aided by in-vivo (hair, urine, blood, bone, deciduous teeth, adult teeth) samples, DNA sequencing, microbiome DNA sequencing and nuclear DNA sequencing analysis, we present a comprehensive study, providing quality data for environmentally impacted communities.


Director of Econciencia y Salud A.C. & Flight Pattern Kids FPK-Environmental Health Citizen Science Investigations. Director of A3B Environmental Science and Engineering. Cofounder of Mexico’s first community air quality network Aire-Baja-California. Community Steering Member and Scientist for California’s first community air quality network IVAN. Founder of the environmental health fair and children/youth environmental health binational art competition. Collaborator at Centenario Park in the implementation of a community garden. Imperial-Mexicali Air Quality Task Force Member. Post-Doctorate in Environmental Health Science at University of California, Los Angeles (2017) Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (Honors), Masters in Engineering (Honors) and Doctorate in Engineering (Honors) at the Autonomous University of Baja California.