Azzeddine Oudjehane, Speaker at Climate Change Conferences
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada
Title : Achieving a carbon free built environment with circular economy


Global commitment to achieving net zero objectives by 2050 and beyond continues as global industry sectors  transitions to  new innovation andlow emissions materials. A circular economy prentice can accelerate the process of achieving net zero.Circular economy revolves around waste and pollution reduction while extending the lifecycle of products and materials.The integration of a circular economy framework within the construction sector may accelerate lowering the carbon impact induced by the built environment.

Audience Take Away

  • Identifying the needs and challenges to achieve a zero carbon built environment
  • Defining the principles of a circular economy within the realm of construction
  • Recognizing the challenges and opportunities for encompassing a circular economy framework for the built environment


Dr. Azzeddine Oudjehane an Instructor from the BSc CPM at SAIT. Azzeddine joined SAIT in 2012, to teach in the Bachelor of Science in Construction Project Management program and develop applied and scholarly research opportunities that meet the needs of Alberta's construction industry. With over 30 years of experience leading multi-disciplinary projects in R&D, business innovation and market development he has worked with various stakeholders from Academia, Government and Industry. Azzeddine holds graduate degrees in both Applied Science and Business Administration.