Ravi Kikar Sinha, Speaker at Artificial production of wood globally avoiding deforestation, to maintain oxygen- carbon dioxide ratio on earth.
Private Indian Researcher, India
Title : Artificial production of wood globally avoiding deforestation, to maintain oxygen-carbon dioxide ratio on earth


Plants and trees produce oxygen through splitting of water into oxygen and hydrogen.a hydrogen acceptor is there to receive the hydrogen produced, and the oxygen is released in the environment. The oxygen released, keeps the carbondioxide oxygen ratio maintained on earth. The oceans also produce massive volumes of oxygen through their phytoplankton, in the light reaction of photosynthesis, using sunlight, chlorophyll, and water. Due to rapid cutting of trees in many forests, the source of this balancing oxygen is fast dwindling. By the artificial(in vitro) production of wood globally, the need for cutting of trees can be avoided, thereby conserving forests globally. Artificial production of wood can be achieved through manipulation of cambium in vitro (biotechnology).
My Hypothesis: if two points are equidistant from a third, and the third point happens to be their source/origin/precursor and both points have similar development, then whatever variance and standard deviation, exists for the two points (sites/products) in relation to a given trait, is also a reasonably good estimate of variance and standard deviation at the third. Therefore, if the variance at two points, equidistant from their source/origin/precursor is identical with the origin/source/precursor, then it is imperative that their development is similar/identical.

Audience Takeaway:

  •  To make artificial production of wood, through mutation in cambial tissue, or some other biotechnological effort.
  •  They should try to retard the rapid deforestation, globally.


He is a member, aaas, washington dc, USA. He has 10 copyrights from canadian,copyright office, quebec, canada. he regularly prays for countries across the world,for world peace and harmony.