Dlzar Al Kez , Speaker at Climate Change 2023
Queen's University Belfast, United Kingdom
Title : Navigating Power System Stability in the Transition to 100% Renewable Energy: The Impact of Variable Renewables


Abstract: The global pursuit of a sustainable energy future is dependent on the integration of renewable energy sources, particularly variable renewables such as wind and solar power. Understanding the intricate dynamics of power system stability becomes critical as we seek to reach the ambitious target of 100% renewable energy.

Consider the example of the all-island of Ireland's power system, which is currently undergoing a significant transformation highlighted by the phased retirement of thermal generating and the rapid growth of variable renewable resources, predominantly wind. Renewable resources accounted for 43% of the island's energy usage by 2020. As of 2022, the All-Island system had proved its ability to handle up to 75% of instantaneous generation from non-synchronous sources, primarily wind and HVDC interconnection. While these results represent significant global progress, the path to even more ambitious decarbonisation targets necessitates additional evolution. Larger amounts of renewable energy will need to be accommodated inside the electricity system in the future. However, this transition is expected to create system low inertia, voltage, and strength challenges, particularly in weak parts of the network. These problems are expected to worsen with time.

In response to these challenges, system operators are continuously proposing various solutions to assist the wider integration of variable renewable energy sources. Among these solutions, grid-forming (GFM) converters and synchronous condensers are particularly promising. It is in this context that this webinar provides an overview of research study results and new dynamic solutions, with a focus on strategies for regulating grid-following (GFL) and grid-forming inverters. The solutions aim to address the challenges of integrating variable renewable generators into the power grid, enabling a more seamless and harmonious transition towards a cleaner, greener, and truly sustainable energy future.

Audience Take Away:

  • Gain insight into the challenges of integrating variable renewables like wind and solar power into the power grid.
  • Attendees will learn about system inertia, voltage, and strength challenges that arise as variable renewable energy penetration increases.
  • Understand dynamic solutions involving GFL and GFM inverter control strategies for stable renewable energy integration.


Dlzar Al Kez is currently a research fellow at Queen's University Belfast and an IET Professional Registration Advisor. He also holds the position of Assistant Editor at the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Journal. Dr Al Kez received his PhD degree from Queen's University Belfast in 2022, with a research focus on power system dynamics and distributed generation. His research excellence has garnered multiple awards, including the best paper award, best PhD thesis award, and researcher plus award from Queen's University Belfast between 2020 and 2022. He also received the excellent paper award from the KScien Organisation in 2021 and the best paper award at the 17th SDEWES conference in 2022. With over 14 years of combined academic and industrial experience, Dr Al Kez served as a power manager at IQ Networks, a leading fibre optic internet provider company in Iraq. His membership and chartered engineer (CEng) status in the IET underscores his dedication to professional development and engineering excellence. Dr Al Kez's publication record includes more than 30 conference papers, journal articles, technical reports, and a book chapter.