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Leon Burgess, Speaker at Green Chemistry Conferences
Technology Director CalAlSil®, Australia
Title : CalAlSil™ Zeolite geopolymers – Green nanotechnology that replace carbon and energy intensive materials


Zeolite geopolymers are formulated using nano-sized colloids of combined metal oxides to provide a green alternative to concrete, brick and fiberglass. While suspended in an aqueous solution, CalAlSil™’s nano-colloids contain sufficient chemical potential to cure to solid structures with physical properties equal or better than standard concrete. This represents a great leap forward in ease of use of structural materials and the ability to produce composites with almost all other granulated materials establish CalAlSil™’s credentials as the green keystone formulation for the circular economy. CalAlSil™’s suspensions are produced using organic and organometallic complexing agents combined with aqueous alkali silicate solutions. Stable suspensions were produced with molar equivalent reactive oxides found in fly ash from black coal fired power stations, ball clay, aluminium trihydrate, and calcium hydroxide. Solutions may be hybridized with a number of biopolymers and standard resins including aqueous acrylic and siloxane suspensions, silicone oil, terpene resin, natural latex, poly lactic acid and numerous polyethers. CalAlSil™ non-combustible resins and hybridized resins can be used in a range of applications including as coatings to wood, concrete, masonry, steel, aluminum and medium–high energy plastics as well as combining resins in composites using a wide range of granulated and fibrous materials from almost any waste stream. CalAlSil™. The adhesion and cohesive strength of coatings and composites have been measured and compared with similar carbon and energy intensive materials currently in use. This new class of hybrid polymer between inorganic and organic materials provides the next step in materials development for the industrial and built environments.

Audience Take Away:
• CalAlSil™ will demonstrate how Silicate oligomers are the fundamental building blocks of future green keystone resins for the circular economy. CalAlSil™ represents the cornerstone of composite formation using a variety of waste streams.
• The primary message from this presentation is that there is a solution to the carbon and energy intensive building and construction industries’ use of materials. Further when understood the green chemistry of hybridized silicates provide the basis for all future formulations for industrial and construction materials. No longer will a material need to be tested using a multitude of material specific standard test. The chemistry is difficult to resolve using analytical instruments in the suspended colloidal form. However, future collaboration may enhance research efforts by reacting standard solid surfaces with the colloids before using atomic force microscopy colloidal tip and microscopic spectroscopic techniques. CalAlSil™’s material design will provide the basis for future cost effective material use for vehicles, industrial equipment, construction and buildings.


Dr Leon Burgess-Dean is the creator of CalAlSil®. A management professional, innovator, chemist and materials engineer, Leon has over 25 years of experience in procurement management, technical, research and laboratory management of building products and construction materials facilities. In addition, Leon has specialist and extensive experience in developing solutions to difficult problems in construction, manufacturing and capital projects.
Leon has a Bachelor of Applied Chemistry with Honours which was followed by a Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration completed in 2005. Leon’s expertise is in the complex chemical and material interactions between multi-component aqueous environments and heterogeneous brittle materials.