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Yanyan Zhao, Speaker at Green Engineering Events
CSIRO, Australia
Title : Lithium-ion battery recycling and second life reuse: Challenges and opportunities lithium-ion battery recycling and second life reuse: Challenges and opportunities


A global transition to low carbon technologies is required to mitigate the effects of climate change. According to the
world resource institute, the energy sector contributed 72% of the global human made greenhouse emissions in 2020. To combat the rising CO2 emission from the transportation and electricity generation sectors, various merging applications, such as electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage systems (ESSs) have been growing significantly in the past decade. These applications lead to rapid growth, demand and production of batteries, in particular, lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). Battery waste is generally toxic and harmful to human health and the environment. However, waste LIBs are also seen as a valuable domestic mining resource which contains concentrated valuable critical elements. The predicted demands for critical metals required to build new LIBs combined with the current process of landfill disposal, raise environmental and financial concerns. It is widely recognized the hazards and value of the waste LIBs can be well managed through transition from the current linear economy (Make – Use – Dispose) to a circular economy (Make – Use – Reuse – Recycle) to reduce primary resource utilization through materials recovery from remanufacture technologies. This presentation will discuss the global battery demand, market trend, status of battery recycling, opportunities, and challenges of LIB recycling and second life reuse.

Audience Take Away:
The audience will learn the following:
• What the future battery waste stream matrix would look like?
• Why LIB battery waste management is a global focus among all the battery types.
• Challenges and opportunities of LIB battery recycling and second life reuse. This will help audience understand the status of LIB recycling, the change of technology and policy associated with the LIB value chain to achieve efficient battery waste management and circular economy.


Yanyan is a material scientist and chemical engineer working as a research scientist at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in Australia. Her field of research is developing Australian solutions for battery recycling and materials recovery for on shore processing. Yanyan obtained her PhD from Queensland University of Technology in 2009 and worked with Rio Tinto on hydrometallurgy research prior to joining CSIRO in 2017. Since 2019 she has been developing battery recycling technology with a focus on recovering high value materials to change the economics of battery recycling and a focus on developing Australian on-shore processing technology.