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Inderjeet Tyagi, Speaker at Catalysis and Green Chemistry Congress
Zoological Survey of India, India
Title : Wastewater scanning of paper industries with reference to bacterial diversity and water quality: A combined approach


The bacterial community structure along with their role in predicted metabolism in the wastewater of Indian Paper
Industries is poorly understood. In the present work, effort has been made to characterize the bacterial diversity using 16S (V3-V4 region) rRNA gene amplicon sequencing data with special reference to physicochemical parameters. Results obtained revealed the presence of bacterial taxa belonging to the genera like Cloacibacterium, Aerococcus, Chryseobacterium, Microbacterium, Acinetobacter, Sphingobium etc. that were involved in the predicted metabolic pathways like carbohydrate metabolism, fatty acid and aromatic compounds biosynthesis as well as degradation. Canonical correspondence analysis confirmed a significant correlation between the bacterial diversity loads and environmental preferences. Further, the chemical oxygen demand, biochemical oxygen demand, and total suspended solids exceeded the acceptable limits prescribed by Central Pollution Control Board New Delhi, Government of India, for discharge of wastewater. Moreover, the presence of these bacterial diversity in the wastewater treatment plant of paper industries may affect the maintenance as well as paper quality. In future, it will provide a benchmark for the better understanding and management of wastewater treatment plant in paper industries across the globe.

Audience Take Away:
• Baseline data about the Bacterial Diversity in the wastewater of Indian Paper Industries.
• It will let the audience to know about the metagenomics approach fused with Water Quality Analysis.
• The audience will learn about the environmental preferences of the bacterial genera.
• The audience will learn about the functional role of bacterial diversity in the wastewater treatment.


Dr. Inderjeet Tyagi is currently working as Scientist B at the Zoological Survey of India, Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change, Kolkata. To his expertise, Dr. Tyagi has more than 8 years of experience in the field of wastewater treatment and Environmental Genomics. He is among the few Scientists from India working on the Environomics (Environmental Chemistry-Zoology interface). During his doctoral and post-doctoral days, he was actively involved in the synthesis of low-cost materials for application as adsorbent in wastewater treatment and nanotechnological interventions. Moreover, to his credit he has published more than 90 SCI articles in journal of international repute with cumulative impact factor (450), book chapter (06), One Indian Patent (Filed), and he also presented his work at different national as well as international platforms.