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Leon Burgess, Speaker at Renewable Energy Conferences
Technology Director CalAlSil®, Australia
Title : CalAlSil® Feldspar Polymers – Sustainable Nanomaterials that Replace Cement, Concrete, Bricks and Composites


Feldspar Polymers are a new class of ceramic pastes that use nano-sized colloids of ceramic oxides to provide a ready-to-use, low embodied energy and low emission construction material. Using ubiquitously sourced raw materials, CalAlSil®’s nano-colloids contain sufficient chemical potential to cure by simple evaporation water as its solvent. Solid microstructures of closely packed micro and nano-spheres are formed during curing of the aqueous alkali silicate hydrogel. The resultant microstructure contains a continuous microstructure of chemically bound feldspar ceramic that has equivalent properties to existing ceramic and polymer cement systems. Pressure casting and vacuum extrusion are two common manufacturing methods that will produce a macrostructural composite with properties that exceed existing composites. Additionally, the addition of a second part that consists of an emulsion resin with alkaline esters to the single pack feldspar emulsion produces a cross-linked and interwoven micro-fibre ceramic-organic composite. The versality of the feldspar emulsion and two-pack composites represents a leap forward in structural, fireproof materials. Applications of CalAlSil® feldspar formulations are targeted at the circular economy as they act as universal binder materials for recycling of all forms of waste. By using product from waste streams from other industries like silica fume and coal combustion products, CalAlSil®’s carbon emissions are better than the best Ordinary Portland Cement formulation with high-calcium fly ash and activated magnesia. Since all raw materials are produced at relatively low temperatures, future production of CalAlSil® feldspar polymer resins will be accomplished with a zero-carbon emission profile and the lowest embodied energy profile of any construction material. Therefore, CalAlSil®’s ceramic feldspar is both the sustainable keystone formulation for structural construction as well as being the solution to waste re-purposing for the 21st century and beyond.

Audience take away

  • CalAlSil® will demonstrate how Alkali-Alumino-Silicate oligomers are the fundamental building blocks of feldspar ceramics which are the green keystone resins for the circular economy.
  • CalAlSil® represents the cornerstone of composite formation using a variety of waste streams.
  • The primary message from this presentation is that there is a solution to the carbon and energy intensive building and construction industries’ use of materials. Further when understood the green chemistry of hybridized silicates provide the basis for all future formulations for industrial and construction materials.


Dr Leon Burgess-Dean is the creator of CalAlSil®. A management professional, innovator, chemist and materials engineer, Leon has over 25 years of experience in procurement management, technical, research and laboratory management of building products and construction materials facilities. In addition, Leon has specialist and extensive experience in developing solutions to difficult problems in construction, manufacturing and capital projects.
Leon has a Bachelor of Applied Chemistry with Honours which was followed by a Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration completed in 2005. Leon’s expertise is in the complex chemical and material interactions between multi-component aqueous environments and heterogeneous brittle materials.