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Djabri Larbi, Speaker at Green Chemistry Conferences
Badji Mokhtar - Annaba University, Algeria
Title : The Hydrochemistry, powerful tool to assess the water-rock relationship, case of the alluvial water table of Tebessa (North-East Algeria)


In order to assess the feature of superficial water salinity in the North-East region of Algeria, two methods (principal component analysis and analysis by rare element, Sr2+) have been used. The first one shows that, in the region, the waters are under-saturated with respect to gypsum and anhydrite and underlines the distribution of mineral concentration in Tebessa country as, bicarbonates, sulfates and chlorides. We equally identify pollution by nitrates. The second method indicates evaporitic influence on water mineralization.


The author holds two doctorates, the first was completed at the University of Franche Comté (France) and the second was acquired in Algeria. The author has been a professor since 2002. The work carried out by Pr Djabri focuses mainly on water quality and particularly on the origins of water salinity. Several publications have been produced on this topic.