HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Rome, Italy or Virtually from your home or work.
Hossam A Gabbar, Speaker at Green Engineering Events
Ontario Tech University, Canada
Title : Advances in plasma-based waste treatment for sustainable communities


This talk presents advanced approaches for plasma-based waste treatment. Different designs of plasma torches and generation systems are discussed, including RF, DC, and microwave plasma, are analysed and compared for waste-to-energy applications. Novel plasma torch design is proposed to support different scales of waste treatment. Process engineering techniques for gasification and pyrolysis process are illustrated with waste characterization. The proposed approaches showed reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved lifecycle performance. Plasma systems are utilized for nuclear waste treatment for low, intermediate, and high radioactive waste. Process design is discussed for plasma torch that can reduce the volume of radioactive waste. Potential approaches are explored for mass separation that could be utilized for high-level radioactive waste. Simulation methods and experimental setups demonstrate lab-scale process technologies for plasma-based waste treatment.

Audience Take Away: 

  • Understand plasma technologies for waste treatments
  • Understand ways to reduce GHG from waste treatments
  • Learn practical solutions and technologies for waste treatment
  • Understand ways to handle radioactive waste
  • Understand potential jobs for waste management 


Dr. Hossam A.Gabbar studied systems engineering at Alexandria University. He obtained PhD degree in process systems engineering from Okayama University, Japan. He joined Japan Chemical Innovation Institute (JCCI) and Tokyo Institute of Technology. Dr. Gabbar is a full Professor in the Department of Energy and Nuclear Engineering, in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, at Ontario Tech University (UOIT). He leads the Smart Energy Systems Lab (SESL), and Advanced Plasma Engineering Lab (APEL). He is the recipient of the Senior Research Excellence Aware for 2016, UOIT. He is among the top 2% of worldwide scientists in energy. He is a Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE NPSS.