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6th Edition of International Conference on

Materials Science and Engineering

March 18-20, 2024 | Singapore

Materials 2024

Jerzy Kisilowski

Speaker at Materials Science and Engineering 2024 - Jerzy Kisilowski
Retired, Poland
Title : Wear and tear of turnout components and wheels of a rail vehicle moving at high speed (V>200 km/h)


Wear processes of turnout and wheel components will be presented based on the theory considering contact ellipses based on the work of Kalker, Chudzkiewicz. The Archard Model will not be used. Contact ellipses are determined based on the normal forces (perpendicular to the contact surface) from the vertical forces that arise during the passage of a rail vehicle through a turnout. The following assumptions are made: the Poisson's ratio of the wheel and rail in the turnout are the same; computer simulation is used in the analysis, taking into account Universal Mechanism software; at least 20000 passes of the rail vehicle through the turnout are performed in the simulation; the model of stiffness in the turnout is assumed to be variable as a function of the road (track elasticity constants are commonly assumed); simulations are carried out for rail vehicle speeds from 200 km/h to 350 km/h (in 50 km/h increments); rail vehicle movement takes place on the straight track of the turnout (it can also take place on the switch track at the turnout, but this type of research has not been carried out). The results are presented in the form of wear magnitudes of mating components.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • The results of the work will allow the audience to get an idea of what kind of qualitative and quantitative character of wear and tear quantities arise in the process of movement of a rail vehicle along a turnout
  • The results will allow railroad operating personnel to gain knowledge about the qualitative and quantitative nature of wear of turnout components and wheels
  • The magnitudes of wear and tear will enable designers of operational processes to propose the possibility of wear and tear, which can cause wear and tear in the movement of a vehicle through a turnout
  • The method of the proposed research can be used in design work on materials of both turnout elements and wheels of a rail vehicle


Jerzy Kisilowski, PhD. DSc. Eng. Full professor at the Faculty of Transport and Electrical Engineering of the Kazimierz Pulaski UTH in Radom (to 2022). Head of doctoral studies (to 2021). He has promoted 30 PhD students. Author of 350 scientific publications in Polish, English, German and Russian. His scientific interests include dynamics of mechanical systems, theory of stochastic processes, theory of sensitivity, problems of diagnostics and reliability of mechanical and electronic systems.  He was a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. While working at the university for 30 years, he actively participated in economic life.