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4th Edition of International Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

September 02-04, 2024

September 02 -04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
TERMC 2021

Payal Bhardwaj

Payal Bhardwaj, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Panjab University, India
Title : Electrical impedance spectroscopy: tool for bone health diagnosis?


There is currently only one technique that has been used routinely to screen for osteoporosis, the Dual Energy x ray absorptiometry (DEXA) test. DEXA test attempts to predict bone risk fracture based on bone mineral density. Bone density is not the best predictor of future fracture. Micro architecture is another important fracture risk parameter which if analyzed along with the DEXA scanning can predict more accurately. Few of the findings of our lab showed correlation between dielectric parameters and bone microarchitecture. We report here that the results from the initial studies are promising but significant barriers would have to be overcome, before electric impedance analyzer could become a part of routine osteoporosis screening.  


Dr Payal Bhardwaj has completed her PhD from the Department of Biophysics, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India. Currently, she is working as a Women Scientist/Department of Science and Technology in University of Mysore, Department of Materials Science, Mysore, Karnataka. She has almost twelve years of research and over five years of experience in teaching undergraduate and graduate students at the department of Biophysics.