HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Rome, Italy or Virtually from your home or work.

4th Edition of International Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

September 19-21 | Rome, Italy

September 19 -21, 2024 | Rome, Italy

TERMC 2021

Pedro Morouco, Speaker at Regenerative Medicine Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Pedro Morouco, Polytechnic of Leiria, Portugal

In the last years, the world has been witnessing the progressive increase in the prevalence of debilitating disorders affecting osteochondral tissues, leading to the functional impairment of synovial joints and severe pain [1]. In particular, osteoarthritis (OA) represents a sign [....] » Read More

Federico Carpi, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conference
Keynote Presentation
Federico Carpi, University of Florence, Italy

Electroactive polymers (EAPs) consist of synthetic materials capable of changing dimensions and/or shape in response to an electrical stimulus. They show useful actuation properties, such as sizable active strains and/or stresses, large compliance, low density, low power consumpt [....] » Read More

Laurent Pieuchot, Speaker at Regenerative Medicine Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Laurent Pieuchot, Universite de Haute-Alsace, France

Cells can migrate individually between tissues and organs or collectively in tightly or loosely associated groups. In both cases, cell migration is regulated by extracellular cues of very different natures. Here I will describe a cellular mechanism called curvotaxis that enables& [....] » Read More

Shrikant L Kulkarni, Speaker at Regenerative Medicine Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Shrikant L Kulkarni, Kulkarni Clinic, India

Chronic kidney disease is characterized by progressive loss of the renal microvasculature, which leads to local areas of hypoxia and induction of profibrotic responses, scarring and deterioration of renal function. Revascularization alone might be sufficient to restore kidney fun [....] » Read More

Riccardo Sacco, Speaker at Regenerative Medicine Conference
Oral Presentation
Riccardo Sacco, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

In this talk we propose a model for the simulation of retinal prostheses based on the use  of organic polymer nanoparticles (NP). The model consists of a nonlinearly coupled system of partial differential equations accounting for: (1) light photoconversion into free charge c [....] » Read More

Ryakhovsky A N, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Ryakhovsky A N, Dental Assosiation of Russia, Russian Federation

Application of ?AD / ?AM technologies and materials for 3D printing in dental treatment clinical practice. Who wins the competition between milling and 3D printing? The main current requirements for materials used in dentistry. Digital planning of dental treatment and 3D model [....] » Read More

Michael Ausserlechner, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Michael Ausserlechner, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria

Additive 3D bio-manufacturing is a young, rapidly evolving research field that allows defined 3D architecture for artificial tissue equivalents. In contrast to other 3D culture techniques, 3D-bioprinted tissue can be designed to contain channel geometries for optimized perfusion [....] » Read More

Sergio Gonzalez Itier, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Sergio Gonzalez Itier, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile

Oxygen is necessary for tissue regeneration as it plays a key role in metabolism, immune response, and protein synthesis. Thus, the delivery of oxygen to wounds is an active field of research. Among others, hyperbaric therapy has been evaluated for wound oxygenation and, more rec [....] » Read More

Agnieszka Ewa Wiacek, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Agnieszka Ewa Wiacek, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland

These researches present an overview of the possibilities of testing various cyclosporine (CsA) formulations with an emphasis on parameters that may be key to improving the stability and biocompatibility. The feasibility of immunosuppressive cyclosporine CsA  The chosen C [....] » Read More

Eleonora Marsich, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Eleonora Marsich, University of Trieste, Italy

Mechanotransduction refers to the phenomenon that external mechanical stresses acting on cells are translated into intracellular biochemical signals, which in turn trigger adaptive responses [Martino 2018]. Extensive research has shown that the biomechanics of the extracellular m [....] » Read More

Patrycja Sitek, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Patrycja Sitek, Wroclaw Medical University, Poland

1. COVID-19 pandemic has a strong impact for functioning of biobanks across the world. Severe restrictions implemented by national and international administrative organs and changes in policies of human biological material in biobanking entities, influenced the way of auditing, [....] » Read More

Adam Mieloch, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Adam Mieloch, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland

3D bioprinting is a rapidly growing field of tissue engineering. Currently, one of the main obstacles is the scarcity of biomaterials tailored for particular use cases. This study is focused on exploring thermoplastic material – polycaprolactone, reinforced with multiwalled [....] » Read More

Oscar Dario Garcia Garcia, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Oscar Dario Garcia Garcia, University of Granada, Spain

Peripheral nerve (PN) are essential organs that communicate the central nervous system to distal target organs at the motor, sensory and autonomic level. PN can be affected by different pathological conditions and their continuity is frequently affected by a wide range of traumat [....] » Read More

Suruchi Garg, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Suruchi Garg, Director & Chief Consultant, Aura Skin Institute, India

Platelet rich plasma(PRP) therapy is one of the fast pacing branch of regenerative medicine in intervention dermatology and trichology. This has significantly changed the out of difficult to treat difficult disorders in addition to contributing immensely in the field of cosmetic- [....] » Read More

Ruben F Pereira, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Ruben F Pereira, University of Porto, Portugal

Bioprinting is assuming a central role in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, enabling the fabrication of 3D constructs and in vitro tissue models with biological function. The biophysical and biochemical cues of the cell microenvironment are recognized as key variables [....] » Read More

Pavla Jendelova, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Pavla Jendelova, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

  Various types of stem cells have been proposed to be an effective, safe and feasible alternative method for the treatment of neurological disorders. Stem cell transplantation can reduce oxidative stress, prevent apoptosis, promote the function of spared axons, induce ne [....] » Read More

Sandeep Shrivastava, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Sandeep Shrivastava, Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, India

The management of complex wounds is a huge challenge. It is associated with necrosis, infections and tissue losses. It need intense care and substantial cost. These cares include surgical and pharmaceutical interventions associated with risks, side effects and morbidity. The emer [....] » Read More

Vasiliki E Kalodimou, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Vasiliki E Kalodimou, Director Flow Cytometry-Research, Greece

Discuss the history and properties of MSCs Discuss rationale for use of uMSC in COVID-19 Present institutional Protocol for use of uMSC in COVID-19  pneumonia Present local experience and outcome of patients treated with  uMSC with COVID-19

Elvan Bakar, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Elvan Bakar, University of Trakya, Turkey

The novel COVID-19 disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), which emerged in China in late 2019, spread rapidly across the world in a short time. The disease has been declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). The patient [....] » Read More

Shaila Kothiwale, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Shaila Kothiwale, Vishwanath Katti Institute of Dental Sciences, India

Periodontitis is a globally prevalent inflammatory disease characterized by periodontal tissue destruction. The main purpose of periodontal treatment is to arrest the progression of the disease and to regenerate the lost periodontal structures. Periodontal regenerative therapy is [....] » Read More

Fajar Shodiq Permata, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Fajar Shodiq Permata, Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia

Hemolytic anemia (HA) often attacks dogs and is challenging to treat. HA could be an autoimmune disorder. Therefore it needs an animal model of hemolytic anaemia. For making HA condition, mimicry materials such as blood from allograft or xenograft are used to induce autoimmune to [....] » Read More

Payal Bhardwaj, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Payal Bhardwaj, Panjab University, India

There is currently only one technique that has been used routinely to screen for osteoporosis, the Dual Energy x ray absorptiometry (DEXA) test. DEXA test attempts to predict bone risk fracture based on bone mineral density. Bone density is not the best predictor of future fractu [....] » Read More

Majid Hajihosseinali, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Majid Hajihosseinali, Sharif University of Technology, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is a reconstructive procedure for craniomaxillofacial bone defects. Common GBR methods using barrier membranes combined with bone graft could be limited due to the complicated structure of craniomaxillofacial bone, large area bone resorption and the [....] » Read More

Irfan Khan, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Irfan Khan, University of Karachi, Pakistan

Introduction: - Small molecules are wisely used to induce differentiation in stem cell. 2'-deoxycytidine (DC), belong to cytidine family is used as demethylating agent. It stimulates the cardiac specific genes and proteins expression and directs Mesenchymal Stem Cells differe [....] » Read More

Stefania D Agostino, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Oral Presentation
Stefania D Agostino, University of Padova, Italy

Extracellular matrix (ECM) obtained after cell depletion (decellularization process) has been recently appointed as the best system to recapitulate fundamental aspects of the native tissue structure and soluble factors. In this work we propose the decellularization method as tool [....] » Read More

Lauryna Dabasinskaite, Speaker at Regenerative Medicine Conferences
Poster Presentation
Lauryna Dabasinskaite, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

Introduction. Polycaprolactone scaffolds are commonly used for tissue engineering due to tunable fabrication properties, biodegradability, and biocompatibility. Although, the problem related to its wettability and the lack of functional groups that are essential for growth factor [....] » Read More

Judith Hagenbuchner, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
Poster Presentation
Judith Hagenbuchner, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria

The reduction and replacement of animal experiments requires novel strategies for 3D cell culture that better reflect the complex 3D interaction of different cell types in living tissue. Compared to static 3D methods e.g. hanging drops, v-bottom plates or magnetic levitation in v [....] » Read More