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4th Edition of International Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

September 19-21 | Rome, Italy

September 19 -21, 2024 | Rome, Italy
TERMC 2023

Madhu Gupta

Madhu Gupta, Speaker at Tissue Engineering Conferences
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, India
Title : Embracing the potential of biopolymer based hydrogel: The new frontier in chronic wound therapy


Chronic, non-healing diabetic wounds put a massive economic burden on health services causing patient incompliance and discomfort. Thorough interpreting of chronic wound pathophysiology led to the fabrication of targeted systems of drug delivery that can improve and accelerate the wound healing process. Natural polymers or biopolymers are now explored for the fabrication of wound dressings. Polysaccharides elicit enormous and promising applications due to their extensive obtainability, innocuousness, and biodegradability. Various outstanding features of polysaccharides can be employed to fabricate biomimetic and multifunctional hydrogels as efficient wound dressings. These hydrogels mimic the natural extracellular matrix and also boost the proliferation of cells. Owing to distinctive architectures and abundance of functional groups, polysaccharide-derived hydrogels have exceptional physicochemical properties and unique therapeutic interventions. Hydrogels designed using polysaccharides can effectively safeguard wounds from bacterial attack. More research is required to engineer multifaceted advanced polysaccharide hydrogels with tuneable and adjustable properties to attain huge potential in wound healing. Chitosan- based hydrogels demonstrated better healing as they inhibited bacterial growth and expedited re-epithelization and cell proliferation. So, these hydrogels can be used for effective wound care offering truly valuable material in the field of wound healing and certainly opening new avenues for future research and development.
Audience Take Away:
• They can get the exposure of Biopolymer based hydrogel with their mechanism on chronic wound healing
• The newer area for their learning will be explored.
• Yes, other scientific community can get benefitted with this research
• Yes, its provide more simple and effective formulation


Dr. Madhu Gupta is working as an Associate Professor in Delhi Pharmaceutical Science and Research University, New Delhi. She has research experience pertaining to drug delivery to nanoformulations for magical molecule delivery, bioligands for targeting of bioactives and drug moiety, biopolymers, cancer nanomedicine as well as topical delivery. She has over 80 research publications to her credit published in journals of high scientific impact and contributed 30 chapters in various renowned books with h index 20 and more than 1000 citations.. She has the recipient of Research Excellence of the Year 2020, Youth Education Icon of the Year 2018, Young Scientist Award, Best Administrative Service Award, IDMA-G.P. Nair award and Prof. C.S. Chauhan award, BioAsia Innovation Award – 2012, Grace India awards. She has also filed the PCT patent for effective wound healing therapy.