HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Valencia, Spain or Virtually from your home or work.

2nd Edition of International Conference on Analytical and Bioanalytical Techniques

September 14-16, 2023 | Hybrid Event

September 14-16, 2023 | Valencia, Spain

Bio Analytica 2023

Jonathan E Thompson, Speaker at Analytical Chemistry Conferences
Keynote Presentation (In-person)
Jonathan E Thompson, School of Veterinary Medicine, United States

MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry coupled to machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms has significant potential as a diagnostic strategy for high-throughput and low-cost diagnosis of disease.  In this presentation, an overview of the MALDI-TOF technology will be [....] » Read More

Pier Giorgio Righetti, Speaker at Analytical and Bioanalytical Conferences
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Pier Giorgio Righetti, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

The EVA methodology that will be presented consists in a hydrophilic polymer of ethylene-vinyl acetate (this is the origin of the acronym EVA) admixed with very fine particles of solid-phase sorbents (strong anion and cation exchangers added with hydrophobic resins such as C8 and [....] » Read More

Victor Cerda, Speaker at Analytical Techniques Events
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Victor Cerda, Sciware Systems, Spain

AutoAnalysis is a software which affords a high flexibility in automating analytical methods. Thus, with an appropriate choice of instrumental modules and the required dynamic link libraries (DLLs), AutoAnalysis allows the automatic or semi-automatic implementation of a host of f [....] » Read More

Jose Bernal, Speaker at Analytical and Bioanalytical Conferences
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Jose Bernal, University of Valladolid, Spain

Bee products has been consumed by humans since ancient times, and its ever-increasing consumption results from its nutritional value and health-promoting effects, like those relating to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic, antibacterial or anti-fungal properties. [....] » Read More

Pieter Samyn, Speaker at Analytical Chemistry Conferences
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Pieter Samyn, Department of Innovations in Circular Economy and Renewable Materials, SIRRIS, Leuven, Belgium

The performance of fiber-reinforced polymer composites is determined by the interface compatibility. In particular, the hydrophilic nature of cellulose fibers dispersed in a hydrophobic matrix requires additional surface modification as traditionally done with chemical surface gr [....] » Read More

Esmeralda Valiente, Speaker at Bioanalytica Conferences
Oral Presentation (In-person)
Esmeralda Valiente, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt National Metrology Institute, Germany

Laboratory medicine is vital for medical diagnosis and treatment management. Clinical laboratories use different routine methods. Nevertheless, the same result for an analyte measured should be provided by any laboratory. In our group, we develop reliable, accurate and traceable [....] » Read More

Alexandru Cocean, Speaker at Analytical Chemistry Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Alexandru Cocean, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania

Hemp stalks have been used since ancient times for what we call “bast fibers”, mainly in textile clothing. Also the hurds have been paid attention to and found utilization in construction as reinforcing component in what is recently called as “hempcreate&rdquo [....] » Read More

Maria Jesus Villasenor Llerena, Speaker at Analytical and Bioanalytical Conferences
Keynote Presentation (Virtual)
Maria Jesus Villasenor Llerena, Castilla- La Mancha University, Spain

This conference aims to give an overview of an emerging challenge within the current research related to Food Science and Technology, based on the nanoencapsulation of bioactive compounds essential for human health. Regarding this point, it is important to highlight the existe [....] » Read More

Mohsin Sattar, Speaker at Analytical Techniques Events
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Mohsin Sattar, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia

To maintain safety and reliability in power plants, creep-life prediction models have received much attention over the years. This article was designed to focus on the conditions when a material structure is exposed to extremely high temperatures and pressures with the help of fi [....] » Read More

Yuichi Mori, Speaker at Analytical Chemistry Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Yuichi Mori, Mebiol Inc, Japan

The current agriculture relies on soil culture and hydroponics. In soil culture there are difficult problems of soil preparation and watering which need long years of experience. In hydroponics the expensive apparatus circulating and supplying huge amount of nutrients solution to [....] » Read More

Agnar Hoskuldsson, Speaker at Analytical Chemistry Conferences
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Agnar Hoskuldsson, Center for Advanced Data Analysis, Denmark

It is assumed that there is given a network of biological/chemical paths. The network consists of nodes that contain historical data. Regression models are established between all nodes in the network. They are connected in each path. The analysis can start anywhere in the networ [....] » Read More

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