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ICC 2023

Yuan Zhang

Yuan Zhang, Speaker at Cancer Events
Chongqing medical university, China
Title : Synergistic inhibitory effects of capsaicin combined with cisplatin on human osteosarcoma in culture and in xenografts


Background: The combination of phytochemicals with chemotherapy drugs is an emerging new strategy forcancer therapy to increase antitumor responses.

Methods: The present study investigates the effect of the combination of capsaicin (CAP) with cisplatin (DDP) and

the potential underlying anticancer mechanisms in osteosarcoma (OS) cells in vitro and in vivo.

Results: Cell viability assays and isobolographic analyses demonstrated that the combination of CAP and DDP

showed synergistic cytotoxic effects on OS cells. We chose relatively low concentrations of CAP (100 μM) and DDP

(16.7 μM) for subsequent experiments. Generally, the combination of CAP and DDP had significant effects on

apoptosis induction, cell cycle arrest and cell invasion inhibition in OS cells compared with the individual-treatment

groups and the control group. Moreover, cotreatment with CAP and DDP triggered prosurvival autophagy through

reactive oxygen species (ROS)/JNK and p-AKT/mTOR signaling in OS cells. The combination regimen of CAP and

DDP also inhibited tumor growth in an OS xenograft model.

Conclusion: These results suggest that the combination of CAP and DDP has strong inhibitory effects on OS cells

and identify CAP as a promising agent for supplementing standard chemotherapy and possible future targeted

therapy in OS


Dr. Yuan Zhang specialises in the management of orthopaedic problems in children, as well as bone tumor in children. His special areas of interest are the care, rehabilitation and surgical treatment of musculoskeletal problems occurring in infants and children, especially on the development of novel therapeutics for malignant primary bone tumors.