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ICC 2023

Shwetima Chaudhary

Shwetima Chaudhary, Speaker at Oncology Conference
AIIMS National Cancer Institute, India
Title : To evaluate the association of urinary tract infections in patients undergoing pelvic radiation for cervical cancers


Patients who are undergoing pelvic radiation should be assessed for urinary tract infections, and based on this, those patients who are symptomatic like burning micturition or dysuria developed during radiation have to be evaluated based on urine culture and sensitivity reports and can prescribe antibiotics to them as well as after completion of 6-14 days of course of antibiotics whether those patients still having urinary complaints or they are relieved. In peripheral areas, females lack knowledge of hygiene and protection during intercourse and the number of child births, and the preventive methods. Urinary tract infection can persist for months even after completion of pelvic radiation. by this study, we can educate the patient of the young age group for taking precaution, and for those who are developing urinary tract infections, we can prescribe antibiotics based on the culture and sensitivity reports, and this follow up can be continued up to six months to assess the late complications like radiation-induced cystitis.

Audience Take Away:

  • Audience will learn about the radiation induced toxicities acute and chronic.
  • It can be used by other faculty expand their research or teaching.
  • This will provide a practical solution to a problem that could simplify or make a designer’s job more efficient.
  • It will improve the accuracy of a design, or provide new information to assist in a design problem.
  • Details abouts radiation induced cystitis will be dicussed.


She is a young budding Oncologist. Her areas of interest are brachytherapy, head and neck malignancies, gynecological & breast malignancies, SBRT, palliative care and chemotherapy. She was awarded ‘Gold medal’ for securing highest marks in general medicine(graduation). She is a Certified palliative care specialist. First prize in quiz competition at national level (RADONC conclave). Awarded young change maker award at ICMR , RMRC, Odisha. Invited in speaker panel at International Cancer Conference 5th edition on 17 September. She have more than 5 publications in national and international journal.