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ELOS 2022

Ben Campbell Biezanek

Ben Campbell Biezanek, Speaker at Optics conferences
Ben Campbell Biezanek
Distinguished Researcher, United Kingdom


The author is 72 years old; he is happily married (but also happily separated) with four sons and ten grandchildren. The author discovered the key solution that led to what he only now calls Quantum-Relativity at nine years of age. It was too great a burden for a nine-year-old to deal with and the author decided to leave the issue until later in his life. The author became an electrical engineer with his own company designing and manufacturing highly specialized electronic instruments for the energy industry. In 2007, the author sold his company and at the age of 57, he took up the full-time theoretical work that led, as a mere byproduct of that overall work, to the development of what he now names as Quantum-Relativity.

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