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Scientific Program

Keynote Speaker for  Photonics  2020 - Lars Helge Thylen
Keynote Presentation
Nanophotonics, Nanoelectronics and Concomitant Materials: Requirements  in a  Changing Scientific and Technological Landscape
Lars Helge Thylen , Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Moore’s famed law for microelectronics, more based on economics than technology predictions, can also be formulated for integrated photonics, showing a development of this technology  even eclipsing that of electronics in size downscaling. However, these technologies a [....]

Keynote Speaker for  Photonics Conferences - Warwick Bowen
Keynote Presentation
Optomechanical sensing, from quantum vortices to precision biophysics
Warwick Bowen, University of Queensland, Australia

It has been known for over a century that, in quantum physics, even the act of looking can have dramatic consequences. For instance, it kills the cat in Schrödinger’s famous thought experiment. However, it has proved extremely difficult to observe such effects in pract [....]

Keynote Speaker for Optics 2020-Gin Jose
Keynote Presentation
Planar optical waveguide engineering using ultrafast laser plasma doping process
Gin Jose, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Ultrafast laser plasma doping (ULPD) is a new technique developed by us to fabricate planar waveguides on glasses and silica on silicon. In this process femtosecond lasers with pulse duration <100 fs is used to ablate a target material containing ions that introduce refractive [....]

Keynote Speaker for Lasers, Photonics & Optics 2020 - Koichi Shimizu
Keynote Presentation
Functional transillumination imaging of animal body using NIR light scattering
Koichi Shimizu, Waseda University, Japan

Using a near-infrared (NIR) light with 700-1200 nm wavelength, we can visualize the internal structure of an animal body by transillumination imaging. However, the deep structure is severely blurred because of the strong scattering in body tissue. We developed some techniques to [....]

Keynote Speaker for  Photonics Conferences - Adriana Lipovac
Keynote Presentation
Practical enhancement of fiber installation and maintenance test tools - Example of extending OTDR distance range by optical preamplifier
Adriana Lipovac, University of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Lightwave test equipment has a difficult task to keep up with fast evolving fiber optic communication systems that require ever more sophisticated measurement methods. In this presentation, first a survey of measurement techniques and test tools that are needed to design, install [....]

Keynote Speaker for  Photonics Conferences - Manuel F. M. Costa
Keynote Presentation
Photocatalysis for environmentally enhanced asphalt pavements
Manuel F. M. Costa, University of Minho, Portugal

Air pollution is one of the major problems modern societies are facing. Air pollution have a major impact on global warming and the intensification of greenhouse effect, acid rain and several health and public health problems that are on the top of the list of concerns of all rea [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences Europe 2020-Andriy Shevchenko
Oral Presentation
Aberration-insensitive interferometric microscopy
Andriy Shevchenko, Aalto University, Finland

Imaging techniques based on optical correlation measurements and using spatially incoherent illumination have been shown to be able to reduce the effect of optical aberrations. One of such techniques is classical ghost imaging based on spatial intensity correlations in two optica [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences Europe 2020 - Sergey Zinovyev
Oral Presentation
New method of rapid control of the effectiveness of malignancies therapy-functional microwave thermography
Sergey Zinovyev, Blokhin National Medical Research Center of Oncology, Russia

Physical methods of recording morphological changes of malignant and its metastases (ultrasound, CT, MRI, PET, etc.) present in real clinical practice information often "lagging" in relation to the optimal decision time correction of the ongoing oncotherapy. Immuno-bioc [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences 2020 - Masahiko Kondow
Oral Presentation
Circular defect in photonic crystal (CirD) laser for intra-chip optical interconnects
Masahiko Kondow, Osaka University, Japan

By the analogy of inter-chip optical interconnects, the target density for intra-chip optical interconnects is estimated to be 10 Pbps/cm2. This value may not be possible anymore by so called Si-photonics that is the state-of-the-art technology, because its target density is as s [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences 2020 - Satoshi Kamiyama
Oral Presentation
Potential of GaInN-based multi-quantum shell (MQS) lasers composed of GaN nanowire cores and GaInN/GaN shells
Satoshi Kamiyama, Meijo University,Japan

The three-dimensional core-shell structure composed of GaInN/GaN multi-quantum shell (MQS) and GaN nanowire structure is thought to be a promising material for high-performance light-emitting devices.  This is because of its particular features such as non-polar plane, dislo [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences 2020 - Yuri Ovchinnikov
Oral Presentation
Towards all-optical atom chips based on optical waveguides
Yuri Ovchinnikov, National Physical Laboratory,UK

Coherent guiding of atoms in two-colour evanescent light fields of two main single modes of suspended optical rib waveguides is investigated theoretically. Special attention is paid to waveguides of widths larger than the wavelength of light, which provide better lateral stabilit [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences Europe 2020 - Jose M. Escalante
Oral Presentation
Non-linear effects on light group velocity in photonic crystal
Jose M. Escalante, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

During the last decades the study of wave propagation in photonic has  received  great  attention,  capturing the attention of researchers in fields as diverse as optoelectronics devices, sensors or optomechanics. One of the most interesting properties of this [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences Europe 2020-Levterov
Oral Presentation
High charged ions in the laser plasma under the focusing the radiation from CO2 laser into crater
Levterov, Joint Institute for Nuclear Resaerch, Russia

Upgrade of injection facility of NICA project is under way assuming replacement Alvarez linear accelerator LU-20 with the Light Ion Linear Accelerator (LILAC) based on the IH cavities using KONUS accelerating structure. LILAC is in the design stage for accelerating particles with [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences 2020 - Huang Ligang
Oral Presentation
Dynamic parameter measurement of ultra-narrow-linewidth lasers
Huang Ligang, Chongqing University, china

With excellent properties of the high purity spectrum and long coherent length, narrow-linewidth lasers can be applied in many fields, such as optical quantum information, low-noise microwave generation, high-resolution spectroscopy, precise sensing, high-speed optical coherent c [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences Europe 2020 - Eugene Ya. Glushko
Oral Presentation
From IR to THz: Sharp resonant quenching of electromagnetic field in metalized photonic crystals
Eugene Ya. Glushko, Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Ukraine

A novel physical phenomenon arising when a polarized electromagnetic wave (EMW) passes through a planar photonic crystal (PhCr) resonator optically contacted with a metal film is analyzed in frequency interval from IR to THz. It was found that the inter-influence of a PhCr and me [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences Europe 2020 - Abigail Phori
Oral Presentation
Nanostructured 2D Ti3C2/NiO composite material as an electrode for supercapacitor applications
Abigail Phori, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Cost-effectiveness and environmentally friendly nature of the transition metal oxides are some motivating factors for their exploration for use as energy storage devices applications when compared to other electrode materials. This work reports the successful synthesis of Ti3C2/N [....]

Keynote Speaker for Optics 2020 - Rui M. Almeida
Keynote Presentation
Photonic crystal-assisted frequency conversion sol-gel coatings for energy applications
Rui M. Almeida, University of Lisbon, Portugal

In order to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic solar cells, photon absorption in an extended range of the solar spectrum is necessary, for example by means of up-conversion (UC) of sub-bandgap photons to minimize transparency losses. While lanthanide (Ln)-doped luminescent l [....]

Keynote Speaker for  Photonics Conferences - George A. Stanciu
Keynote Presentation
Label free imaging by using a multimodal microscopy system
George A. Stanciu, University Politehnica Bucharest, Romania

Qualitative and quantitative results based on label free imaging in laser scanning microscopy are presented. To image different materials, including biological samples we used a multimodal microscopy system integrating several  far field and near field microscopy techniques. [....]

Keynote Speaker for  Photonics Conferences - Andrea Cusano
Keynote Presentation
Lab on fiber fechnology: Towards new promising platforms for precision medicine
Andrea Cusano, University of Sannio, Italy

In this lecture, we provided an overall picture of the “Lab on Fiber Technology” vision illustrating the main technological advances and new trends along the technological roadmap aimed to achieve as ultimate objective the development of flexible, multifunctional plug [....]

Keynote Speaker for Optics 2020 - Pramod Kumar
Keynote Presentation
Desirable control of optical frequency comb subjected to optical perturbation
Pramod Kumar, University of Exeter, United Kingdom

Bulk Semiconductor lasers or particularly Quantum nanostructure-based Optical Frequency Comb have received much attention in recent years due to their potential applications in high-speed optical telecommunications and optical clocking. Specifically, passively mode-locked lasers [....]

Keynote Speaker for  Photonics  2020-Yair Lampl
Keynote Presentation
The effect of photostimmulation treatment on central nervous system diseases
Yair Lampl, Edith Wolfson Med. Ctr, Israel

Brain stimulation therapy has shown to have a significant influence on brain tissue and neurological functions. The effect is based on the exposure to light delivery. The most powerful effect and absorption peaks are in the red 600-700 nm) and near infrared (760-949 nm) spectral [....]

Keynote Speaker for Optics 2020 - Xiangping Li 
Keynote Presentation
High-dimensional optical data storage by tightly focused vector beams
Xiangping Li , Jinan University, China

The electromagnetic radiation in the vicinity of metallic nanoparticles or nanostructures can be concentrated and confined to a region with sizes far smaller than the wavelength. Consequently, the augmented electric fields can lead to a variety of amplified photophysical or photo [....]

Organizing committee member for  Photonics Conferences - El-Nabulsi Ahmad Rami
Oral Presentation
Nonlocality at nanoscales systems
El-Nabulsi Ahmad Rami, Athens Institute for Education & Research, Greece

Nonlocality is the most fascinating and poorly understood phenomenon in quantum theory, and it generally manifests when measurements (in space or in time) are obtained based on two or more isolated quantum mechanical systems. We discuss the implication of a nonlocal-in-time uncer [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences Europe 2020-Wenbo Zhang
Oral Presentation
Computer vision aided monitoring in optical networks
Wenbo Zhang, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China

For the purpose of design hitless optical networks, it is important to monitor performances of the communication channel. Most classical methods are proposed by using statistical characters of the received signals. In recent years, there is a large number of approaches about meth [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences Europe 2020 - Zhyrair S.Gevorkian
Oral Presentation
Extended symmetries in geometrical optics
Zhyrair S.Gevorkian, Alikhanian National Laboratory, Armenia

Recently, the interest in refraction index profiles with extended symmetries has dramatically increased because of its possible applications in perfect imaging and cloaking. We develop a Hamiltonian formalism to describe the photon dynamics in such profiles in geometrical optics [....]

Leading speakers for ELOS summits - Abdelkader Boulezhar
Oral Presentation
Erbium doped fiber amplifier for space and wavelength multiplexing systems
Abdelkader Boulezhar, Faculty of Sciences Ain chock, Morocco

Space Division Multiplexing seven-core fiber amplifier has attracted great interest recently due to its potential to improve the capacity of transmission systems. Greats efforts have been made by research teams to develop SDM fiber amplifier either by enlarging the core and, ther [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences Europe 2020-Run Long
Oral Presentation
Photoexcitation dynamics in perovskite solar cells
Run Long, Beijing Normal University, China

Advancing organo halide perovskite solar cells requires understanding of carrier dynamics. Electron−hole recombination is a particularly important process because it constitutes a major pathway of energy and current losses. Non-adiabatic molecular dynamics combined with ab [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences 2020 - Zhigang Zang
Oral Presentation
Critical role of interface contact modulation in realizing low-temperature fabrication of efficient and stable cspbibr2 perovskite solar cells
Zhigang Zang, Chongqing University,China

Inorganic cesium lead halide perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have received enormous attention due to their excellent stability compared with that of their organic–inorganic counterparts. However, the typically annealing temperature of 400 ℃ for the widely-used electron tran [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences Europe 2020-Oleg V. Gradov
Poster Presentation
Multiple projection laser microscopy on a chip in the ulbricht integrating sphere (MPLM-UIS)
Oleg V. Gradov, Semenov Institute of Chemical Physics, Russia

Microscopy with an integrating sphere (also known as the photometric Ulbricht sphere) is rarely used in histological and cytological practice due to the difficulties in manufacturing the integrating chamber with the technological holes for the sample placing, as well as the high [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences Europe 2020 - Li Jing
Poster Presentation
Fabrication and characterization of Micro LED chip and array
Li Jing, Institute of Semiconductors, China

With development of chip manufacturing, integrated packaging, display controlling and process technology, full-color LED display has gradually applied to not only outdoor applications but also indoor applications, mainly for high-resolution TVs, wearable electronic displays and A [....]

Speaker for Optics conferences Europe 2020 -Bennacer Hamza
Poster Presentation
Optical properties of BeXP2 (X=Si, Ge, Sn) - lattice matched with silicon for Solar cells applications: First-principles study via mBJLDA approach
Bennacer Hamza, University of M’sila, Algeria

II-IV-V2 materials are attractive compounds for optoelectronic, photonic and photovoltaic applications due to their valuable ternary chemistry. A primary technological challenge in photovoltaics is to find and develop a lattice matched efficient material to be used in combination [....]

Potential speakers for Photonic conferences 2020 - Ayadi Khaled
Poster Presentation
Morphological characterization of particles bythe intensity and polarization of the scattered radiation
Ayadi Khaled, Institute of Optics, Algeria

Optical techniques are being used more and more, because they have the advantage of being non-destructive, the light scattering by the material provides a framework of prospecting pointed and fast. The elastic and inelastic interaction portion of the light with the matter allows [....]

Speaker for Optics events 2020 -  Akram Reza
Oral Presentation
Insertion loss, noise and thermal aware design for photonic network on chip (photonic interconnection)
Akram Reza, Islamic Azad University, Iran

Network-on-Chip (NoC) has been suggested as scalable communications infrastructure with a proper performance and power consumption for multi-core chips. But with growing up the number of processing cores in a chip, the network delay and power consumption become a major challenge [....]

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