ELOS 2023

Carlos A Hernandez Gutierrez

 Carlos A Hernandez Gutierrez, Speaker at Optics Conferences
Carlos A Hernandez Gutierrez
Ecnologico Nacional de Mexico Campus Tuxtla, Mexico


Dr. Carlos Alberto Hernández Gutiérrez is a researcher who graduated as an Electronics Engineer from the ITT in 2009. Subsequently, he studied for a Master's Degree in Solid State Electronics and a Ph.D. in Nanotechnology, both at CINVESTAV-IPN. He worked for the National Polytechnic Institute as a Professor of Electronics from 2011 to 2017. In October 2018, he joined the University of Texas at Dallas as a Research Associate working on integrated circuit design for radiation detectors. Afterward, he joined as a professor at the TecNM/ITTG (March 2020). His research areas are optoelectronics devices such as Solar cells, photodetectors, and LEDs.