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ELOS 2022

Hani Boubekri

Hani Boubekri, Speaker at Optics Conferences
Hani Boubekri
Enset Skikda, Algeria


Hani Boubekri was born in Algeria 1977. He is  Research Professor in Physics (Radiation-Matter Interaction) and Head of physics and chemistry department  in Higher Normal School of Technological Education (ENSET) Skikda Since 2013.   He was Research Associate at Nuclear Research Center of Algiers (CRNA) in Nuclear Techniques Division (TND) - Laser Laboratory.  He is interested on the synthesis and characterization of materials doped with rare earth ions (single crystals, glasses, nanoparticles and thin layer films), including the spectroscopic study of luminescence and the coherence properties of electronic transitions at different temperatures fo application in stable lasers, phosphors, scintillators and in other applications. He has been engaged in the studies of spectroscopic properties of the single crystals types (MF2, M= Ca, Ba; Sr Cd..) doped with ions luminescent Er, Tm, Tb and Eu  in collaboration with Department of Physics "Enrico Fermi", University of Pisa Italia , VinĨa Nuclear Research Institute – Serbia and the National School of Chemistry of Paris (ENSCP, CNRS - Chemistry Paris-Tech) –France .