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Heinrich Hora

Heinrich Hora, Speaker at Heinrich Hora: Speaker for Optics Conference
Heinrich Hora
University of New South Wales, Australia


Heinrich Hora Dr.rer.nat. (1960 Jena) D.Sc. (1979 UNSW) is an Australian Professor of Theoretical Physics University of New South Wales, Sydney 1975, emeritus 1992, Visiting Professor Rochester, Bern, Tokyo, Iowa, Osaka, Giessen, Weizmann-Institute, CERN after he was 20 years in research at industry laboratories (Zeiss, IBM, Westinghouse, Siemens) and of the MaxPlanck-Institute of Plasma Physics in Garching-Munich. He is author of 12 books and editor of 15 books and founder and first Editor-in-Chief of the Journal “Laser and Particle Beams” at Cambridge University Press. His research is in the field of plasma theory and laser, nonlinear forces, relativistic self-focusing, Schwarz-Hora effect (Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 141119 (2013)) on non-resonance quantum excitations in solids, volume ignition of fusion, and predicted non-thermal ultrahigh acceleration of plasma blocks by lasers for environmentally clean, low cost and lasting boron fusion energy. He is FInstP(London), FAIP, FRSN and received the Edward Teller, the Dirac, the Ernst-Mach and the Ritter von Gerstner Medals. He is founding director of the International Research and Development Corporation “HB11 Energy” in Sydney/Australia.