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ELOS 2022

Malika Rani

Malika Rani, Speaker at Optics Conferences
Malika Rani
The Women University Multan, Pakistan


She is currently working as Assistant Professor/Head of Department of Physics, The Women University Multan. She has 03 research projects funded by HEC and WUM whereas 31 research publications in nationally and internationally recognized journals. She has supervised 30 M.Phil students whereas her 03 Ph.D. students submitted their thesis while 05 Ph.D. students' research is in progress. She has written two books with the title “Solid-State Physics I & II”. She has established “Environmental and Energy Development Laboratory” in the WUM department of physics and has been Editor in chief of “Journal of Nanoscope” (HEC Y category Journal). Also, she is the reviewer of 10 international journals. She has organized 5 International conferences, she has also organized the 08 National/International Symposium. She has been invited to talks in 16 international conferences and contributed talks in 14 international conferences. She has been performing duties as chairperson of Hall Council, Hostel Warden,