ELOS 2023

Reinhold Noe

Reinhold Noe, Speaker at Optic Conferences
Reinhold Noe
Paderborn University, Germany


Reinhold Noe obtained Dipl.-Ing. (1984) and Dr.-Ing. (1987) degrees in electrical engineering from Technical University of Munich, Germany. 1987-1988 he was with Bellcore, NJ, USA. 1988-1992 he was with Siemens Central R&D in Munich, Germany. Since 1992 he is Professor for Optical Communication and High-Frequency Engineering at Paderborn University in Germany.  He has published >300 papers. In 2006 he co-published the first coherent synchronous QPSK transmission with standard DFB lasers, in 2007 with polarization multiplex and electronic polarization control. In 2008 he co-received the Innovation Prize of the Land North-Rhine Westphalia. In 2010 he co-founded Novoptel GmbH.

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