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ELOS 2022

Wolffram Schroer

Wolffram Schroer, Speaker at Optics Conferences
Wolffram Schroer
University Bremen, Germany


geb 1943, studied Chemistry and Physics Technical Univ rsity –Berlin (1963 – 1969),  PhD 1974 Iwan Stranski -Institut TU-Berlin with (Prof. E.Lippert), 1975 – 1977 ,Research Fellow of the Royal Society (A.D. Buckingham Cambridge, UK, 1978-2008, Professor of Physical Chemistry Universität Bremen, 2008,Prof. em since, 1981 Philosophical Doctor (Cambridge),Visiting professor :Trinity College Dublin (1983),Universite Nancy (1986),Universität Salzburg (1995), 2008 Editor in Chief: Journal of Molecular Liquids. Research interests: physical Chemistry , Thermodynamics, Critical phenomena, Laser-light scattering,Published more than 120 research articles in SCI journals.