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ELOS 2021

Yahia Chergui

Yahia Chergui, Speaker at Yahia Chergui: Speaker for Optics Conference
Badji Mokhtar University, Algeria
Title : Comparison between total volume of ZnO wurtzite, rocksalt, and zinc blend structures under isobaric and isothermal ensembles a MD computation


In this work we used Parallal Molecular Dynamics and DL_POLY_4 to comparebetween the total volume of ZnO wurtzite, rocksalt, and zinc blend structures under different pressures and temperatures. Our system is formed from 5832 atoms of ZnO for rocksalt and zinc blend(2916 atoms of Zn+2 and 2916 atoms of O-2) and 2916 atoms of ZnO for wurtzite, the interatomic interactions are modeled by Coulomb-Buckingham Potential for short and long-range, the range of temperature is 300-3000K and for pressure is 0-100GPa. Although no more data under previous conditions our results are in the vicinity of available experimental and theoretical information. This work is very important in nanoscale of time and space and in different sectors of industry.


Yahia CHERGUI is an assistant Professor in Electrical & Electronics Engineering Institute, Boumerdes Algeria. He has completed his PhD from Badji Mokhtar University in Annaba, Algeria. He did all his PhD work in Cardiff University in UK. His research field is Physics(condensed matter, and soft matter simulation by molecular dynamics). He has many published articles and international conferences. He has been serving as a referee with condensed matter journal (IOP), Energy journal (Elsevier), and  American Journal of Modern Physics.