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ELOS 2021

Mohamed Hamdy Naeem

Mohamed Hamdy Naeem, Speaker at Mohamed Hamdy Naeem: Speaker for Optics Conference
Arab Academy For Science, Egypt
Title : Designing a smart city infrastructure for luxury and disaster reduction


Modern societies pay great attention to improving the lives and comforts of their citizens. Perhaps one of the most important ways is to provide advanced digital services. This allows everyone to carry out their tasks and business requirements in an easy, both time and energy-saving manner. However, it became clear to these countries that the way to reach this advanced life is crystallizing in the provision of secure communications infrastructure and Internet services, which are known as smart cities. Smart cities are cities that provide a smart environment for both work and life. Providing an infrastructure that accommodates all available technologies and prepares for everything new technology is the heart of the desired intelligence. The combination of applications and technologies results in development and improvement, not only for a better life, but to maintain the continuity of providing services in the most difficult circumstances, and I will not exaggerate if I say even in the event of disasters. During this research, I will work on presenting the comprehensive concept of smart cities, the importance of developing current cities to keep pace with the increasing demand for smart services, and how to present them as an essential axis for sustainable development. In addition, I will review previous experiences and various development models and their effectiveness in facing risks and providing prosperity alike. In the end, I will present a mature model that depends mainly on the possibility of continuity, renewal, and development.


Eng. Mohamed Naeem studied communication and electronics engineering at the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, Egypt, and graduated with an MS in 2019. He joined the computer network and data center department at Arab Academy in 2008.  Alongside he has great experience in providing a network infrastructure design and delivered professional technical training for more than a decade. He has published a very important research article in the MDPI sensors journal.