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ELOS 2021

Orchidea Maria Lecian

Orchidea Maria Lecian, Speaker at Orchidea Maria Lecian: Speaker for Optics Conference
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Title : Developments and applications of the optical equivalence theorem


The optical equivalence theorem is analyzed and developped for almost-infinte-valued-operator eigenstates. Pertinent expansions are presented after the calculation of new formalisms for the Optical equivalence theorem. New extensions for the Optical equivalence principle are formulated, and applied to different types of quantum systems, semiclassical systems and optical systems.

The optical equivalent for operators , with weighted density matrix and the spectral component f on compact support is defined  in the projector operator. The definition of the first-approximation correction orders is  demonstrated to depend on the definition of the parameters qualifying  the definitions of the weighting-support-control function. The investigation is apt for systems constituted of intense, non-monochromatic laser fields. The power spectrum of the operators is this way decomposed as a sequence obtained after the majorization of the operators after those of the weighting function. The power spectrum is therefore not needed to be expressed as a sequence (of majorizations), where such majorization do not apply to pure states. The control of the spectral analysis is proposed, to distinguish among the several contributions. Calculations are performed for the most extreme case the long-time limit of the error estimations. Applications are proposed for cold dynamics ensembles, cold atomic trapped ions, temperature experiments for protein folding in molecular dynamics; jump processes between states; quantums epration of multispatial Gauss-Markoffmodels; uncertainty estimations in metrology, decoherence and dissipation, noisy metrology beyond the standard quantum limit.


Prof. Orchidea Maria Lecian graduated at Sapienza University of Rome ans ICRA- International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics in 2005 ad completed her International Relativistic Astrophysics Phd at Sapienza University and ICRA. She was post-doctoral Fellow at IHES (Bures-sur-Yvette, France), AEI-MPI (Potsdam-Golm, Germany) and Sapienza University of Rome. She has teken part in intensive research prgorammes at AEI-MPI (Potsdam-Golm, Germany) and The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences  (Toronto, Canada). She has been researcher for  SAIA- NS'P (The National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic- National Stipendium Program) as Research grantee and Erasmus Lecturer at Comenius Univeristy in Bratislava, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Department of Theoretical Physics and Physics Education- KTFDF. She has been Assistant Professor at Sapienza University of Rome and is Porfessor at Sapienza University of Rome. She has contritbuted in national conferences and international conferences. She is author of research papers, conferece papers, review papers and one book. She is reviewer and editorial-board member for several reputed Journals.