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ELOS 2021

ilicon photonic quantum walk processor

Junjie Wu, Speaker at Junjie Wu: Speaker for Optics Conference
National University of Defense Technology, China
Title : ilicon photonic quantum walk processor


Applications of quantum walks can depend on the number, exchange symmetry and indistinguishability of the particles involved, and the underlying graph structures where they move. Here, we show that silicon photonics, by exploiting an entanglement-driven scheme, can realize quantum walks with full control over all these properties in one device. The device we realize implements entangled two-photon quantum walks on any five-vertex graph, with continuously tunable particle exchange symmetry and indistinguishability. We show how this simulates single-particle walks on larger graphs, with size and geometry controlled by tuning the properties of the composite quantum walkers. We apply the device to quantum walk algorithms for searching vertices in graphs and testing for graph isomorphisms. In doing so, we implement up to 100 sampled time steps of quantum walk evolution on each of 292 different graphs. This opens the way to large-scale, programmable quantum walk processors for classically intractable applications. This talk mainly includes our works published in [Science Advances 7, eabb8375 (2021)], [National Science Review 5, 715–720 (2018)] and [New Journal of  Physics 22, 033022 (2020)].


Dr. Wu received the Ph.D. degree in computer science and technology from National University of Defense Technology, China, in 2009. Now, he is a professor and the director of the Institute for Quantum Information & State Key Laboratory of High Performance Computing, National University of Defense Technology, China. His research interests include quantum computing, integrated photonic chip and quantum algorithm. He has published more than 50 articles including those in Science Advances, Physical Review Letters, National Science Review.