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ELOS 2021

Fatima Zahra Siyouri

Fatima Zahra Siyouri, Speaker at Fatima Zahra Siyouri: Speaker for Optics Conference
Mohamed V university, Morocco
Title : Robustness of wigner function negativity under the effect of the different physical parameters related to two coupled semiconductor quantum dots system


We analyze theoretically the Wigner function negativity for thermal density matrix of analogous and equidistant two coupled semiconductor quantum dots at different temperatures. In this respect, we explore the quantum influences of the temperature, the external electric field, the Förster interaction and the exciton-exciton dipole interaction energy on its behavior. In particular, we show that the negativity of wigner function still survives for large values of temperature ensuring that the non-classicality of the two coupled semiconductor quantum dots system does not get lost under thermal effect. Moreover, we show that this negativity is hypersensitive to the external electric field effect, nevertheless, its sensitivity to this effect is extensively perturbed for higher values of Förster interaction, temperature and exciton-exciton dipole interaction energy. Further, we show that increasing this latter enhances the quantumness of system as the negativity of wigner function also increases.


She is from Mohamed V university, Morocco.