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ELOS 2022

Enhancement of photoluminescence properties of nano-sized Pr3+ doped LuPO4 powders by incorporating of Y3+ ions

Kahouadji Badis, Speaker at Optics Conferences
University of Bejaia, Algeria
Title : Enhancement of photoluminescence properties of nano-sized Pr3+ doped LuPO4 powders by incorporating of Y3+ ions


The work explores the enhancement of photoluminescence properties of nano-sized LuPO4:Pr3+ phosphor powders synthesized by sol gel process with incorporation of yttrium ions inside of this single matrix to obtain (Lu1-xYx)PO4:Pr3+ (x=10, 20, 30, 40, 50 at. %) powders. Under UV excitation at 270 nm the emission spectra of  LuPO4:Pr3+ nanopowder do not present any characteristics emission band attributed to 4f15d1 ?4f2 transitions of Pr3+ ions, while a large emission band  has been observed which due to defects created in LuPO4 cell by doping considering the ionic radius of Pr3+ is larger compared to the ionic radius of Lu3+, this band extinguishes gradually at the time insertion of the Y3+ ions until its total disappearance (for x=40 at. %).It was found that the emission spectra of  (Lu1-xYx)PO4:Pr3+ nanopowders under λex=230nm presents only the characteristics emission bands of Pr3+ ions with a remarkable influence of the rate of Y3+ ions on the intensity of this bands. Furthermore, it was observed that the improvement in the luminescence properties of (Lu1-xYx)PO4:Pr3+  nanopowders is very remarkable in visible range.

Keywords: (Lu1-xYx)PO4:Pr3+,photoluminescence enhancement, powders, nano-sized, sol gel. 



Dr. Kahouadji has a PhD in physics, option: physics of materials since April 2017, teacher researcher at A.Mira university of Bejaia –Algeria-, faculty of technology. He is working on nanomaterials based on rare earth orthophosphates in collaboration with two laboratories: Laser Department/ Nuclear Research Centre of Algiers (CRNA), VinĨa Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade. Since approximately 7 years his research is entirely devoted to the development of luminescent materials and scintillators for medical and nuclear applications . He has managed 4  master project as director and 1 PhD thesis in progress. He has published more than 18 international papers. He is Editorial Board Member in  International Journal of Materials Science and Applications (IJMSA).and Journal of Modern Polymer chemistry and Materials, Reviewer for Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal (ASTES). has about 6 international and 3 national oral communications.