ELOS 2022

Jyoti Rajput

Jyoti Rajput, Speaker at Optics Conference
Lovely Professional University, India
Title : Hermite cosh gaussian laser-Induced electron acceleration


In this research work, we have investigated the electron dynamics employing a radially polarized (RP) Hermite-Cosh-Gaussian (HChG) laser beam. The Hermite Cosh Gaussian laser beam. Due to the beam has a property of earlier focus of such a laser beam, which enables it is better suited to acquiring GeV order energy over short periods of time than other laser beams. The electron acceleration process is strongly influenced by two more adjustable parameters associated with this beam: decentered parameter (b) and Hermite order (s). Throughout this investigation, better trapping phenomena have been identified. The effects of changing the intensity parameter (a_0), the beam waist width (r_0^'), the decentered parameter (b), and the order of the Hermite function on electron energy gain have been investigated.

What will audience learn from your presentation? 
    The concept of laser induced electron acceleration is an innovative area of research.
    The RP HChG laser pulse's cylindrical symmetry is critical for better electron entrapment 
    The laser induced electron acceleration up to high energy explores an extensive range of applications in the fields of medicine, therapy for tumors, radiation - chemistry, material- characterization, and ultrafast phenomena studies.



Jyoti Rajput received her Ph.D. degree from NIT Jalandhar, Punjab, India in 2019. She is currently an Associate professor of Physics at Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India. Her research focused areas deal with laser induced electron acceleration in vacuum and plasma (DLA, LBWA, PBWA), harmonic generation and THz radiation. She has published around 30 research articles in various international SCI journals, authored international books and presented her research work at various international conferences/workshops. She is also a member of different renowned associations/societies e.g., PSSI, ISCA etc. She has been an active reviewer of esteemed WOS and Scopus indexed international journals. She has delivered many international invited speakers research talks at eminent conferences.