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ELOS 2022

Vladimir G Chigrinov

Vladimir G Chigrinov, Speaker at Optics Conference
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
Title : Photoalignment and photopatterning: New LC display and photonics technology


Photoalignment and photopatterning has been proposed and studied for a long time [1]. Light is responsible for the delivery of energy as well as phase and polarization information to materials systems. It was shown that photoalignment liquid crystals by azodye nanolayers could provide high quality alignment of molecules in a liquid crystal (LC) cell. Over the past years, a lot of improvements and variations of the photoalignment and photopatterning technology has been made for photonics applications. In particular, the application of this technology to active optical elements in optical signal processing and communications is currently a hot topic in photonics research [2]. Sensors of external electric field, pressure and water and air velocity based on liquid crystal photonics devices can be very helpful for the indicators of the climate change.
We will demonstrate a physical model of photoalignment and photopatterning based on rotational diffusion in solid azodye nanolayers. We will also highlight the new applications of photoalignment and photopatterning in display and photonics such as: (i) fast high-resolution LC display devices, such as field sequential color ferroelectric LCD; (ii) LC sensors; (iii) LC lenses; (iv) LC E-paper devices, including electrically and optically rewritable LC E-paper; (v) photo induced semiconductor quantum rods alignment for new LC display applications; (vi)100% polarizers based on photoalignment; (vii) LC smart windows based on photopatterned diffraction structures; (vii) LC antenna elements with a voltage controllable frequency.


Professor Vladimir G. Chigrinov is an Expert in Flat Panel Technology in Russia, recognized by the World Technology Evaluation Centre, 1994, and SID Fellow since 2008. He is an author of 6 books, 25 reviews and book chapters, 320 journal papers, more than 656 Conference presentations, and 35 US patents in the field of liquid crystals since 1974. He got Excellent Research Award of HKUST School of Engineering in 2012. He is a Member of EU Academy of Sciences (EUAS) since July 2017. He got A Slottow Owaki Prize of SID in 2018. He is 2019 Distinguished Fellow of International Engineering and Technology Institute. Since 2018 he works as Professor in the School of Physics and Optoelectronics Engineering in Foshan University, Foshan, China. 2020-2024 Vice President of Fellow of Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (IDSAI) Since 2021 distinguished Fellow of Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.