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ELOS 2022

Study of Lower order Entanglement in Non-Degenerate Four Wave Mixing Process

Moumita Das, Speaker at Optics Conferences
Malda College, India
Title : Study of Lower order Entanglement in Non-Degenerate Four Wave Mixing Process


Four Wave Mixing (FWM) process has shown promise in quantum optics for the generation of the non-classical state. In this paper, we are considering the non-degenerate four-wave mixing process. This process gives rise due to the interaction of the radiation field with the third-order nonlinear media. In our present study, we used the fully quantum mechanical bosonic Hamiltonian to describe the non-degenerate four-wave mixing process. Heisenberg’s equations of motion for various modes involving pump, signal and idler have been constructed. These equations are coupled with nonlinear differential equations and are exactly unsolvable in closed analytical form. In order to solve these coupled nonlinear differential equations, we use the perturbative technique given by Sen-Mandal [1-6] and the solutions obtained using this approach are more general than the ones obtained for the same system using a well-known short-time approximation. These solutions have been used to study the intermodal entanglement of the non-degenerate four-wave mixing process using Hillery-Zubairy criteria [7-8]. It is found that the non-degenerate four-wave mixing process could be a good resource for producing intermodal entanglement.

What will audience learn from your presentation?

? The audience interested in entanglement (non classical phenomena) in four-wave mixing may be benefited from my talk.
? The young researchers in this field of non classical phenomena will get ideas how to work and what are the different ways to study the non classicality.
? I will also discuss some other phenomena like Zeno, Anti Zeno effect and perturbative approaches to deal coupled non linear differential equations that might help researchers in this field.


Moumita Das is currently working as an Assistant Professor of Physics at Malda College, WB, India. She is teaching undergraduate physics for more than 10 years. She is doing research since 2015 and is about to submit her thesis soon. Das’s research mainly focused on non-classical effects and its potential applications in various optical and atomic systems like Four wave mixing, Zeno, Anti-Zeno effect. She has published four research papers in different reputed journals. Also, she has presented a few research papers at National and International conferences, and seminars. She has collaborated with several researchers in India and outside of India.