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ELOS 2023

Apurva Kumari Singh

Apurva Kumari Singh, Speaker at Optics Conference
B V Raju Institute of technology, India
Title : Implementation and comprehension of hardware based on field programmable gate arrays for real time Image processing


Image processing methods and its applications are deeply rooted in current and future technologies. These methods make it possible to carry out a various operation to obtain detailed information from an image. Recently increased demand for the use of image processing algorithms to reduce the complexity of computation and work for the scenario in real time. There have been numerous advances in the area of image processing in software and hardware implementation. The system focuses more on hardware to store information efficiently. Using FPGA provides greater flexibility to manipulate image processing methods in the hardware field and complete the work scenario in real time. Edge detection techniques such as Robert, Prewitt and Sobel are used to detect objects' edges using FPGA. These techniques are important for detecting objects, obstructions and locating object boundaries. To implement algorithms, require a VHDL or Verilog hardware description language, Xilinx Vivado and MATLAB software-based platforms are used for simulation. The real-time application of these algorithms offers enormous possibilities for scientific research into the hardware domain.

Audience Take Away Notes :

  • Methods for image processing to reinforce the study's perspective in real time scenario 
  • Image transformation algorithms that are efficient and suited for hardware implementation utilising an FPGA.
  • Image processing techniques and various methodologies would aid researchers and academicians in broadening their studies into new areas. The real-time use of these algorithms opens up a multitude of possibilities for systematic investigation in the hardware arena. The solution will simplify the processing time and restore the image.


She received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology and SciencePilani, Hyderabad. She is currently working as an Associate Professor with the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, B. V. Raju Institute of Technology (BVRIT) Narsapur, Hyderabad. Her research interests include digital image and video processing, particularly haze and fog removal, and contrast enhancement. She has 6+ years of experience of educational and industrial Projects at national/international levels. She is a reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, IEEE Access, ACM Computing Surveys, IET Image Processing, and Neurocomputing.