ELOS 2023

Fatima Zahra Siyouri

Fatima Zahra Siyouri, Speaker at Optics Conference
Mohamed V university, Morocco
Title : The quantification of quantum dissonance in an open bipartite system


We study the dynamics of Wigner function negativity, quantum discord, entanglement and quantum dissonance for bipartite Bell-diagonal states independently interacting with dephasing reservoirs. We analyze comparatively their behavior under the decoherence effect. Our main goal is to test the abilityof Wigner function negativity to measure all kinds of quantum correlationsin such system. Particularly, we find that this negativity can only captureentanglement and discord. Of course it succeeded in predicting the behaviorof quantum dissonance, but nevertheless, it failed to detect its presence. Asa matter of fact, we conclude that Wigner function negativity cannot be used as measure of quantum dissonance in the two qubit open system


She is from Mohamed V university, Morocco.