ELOS 2022

U V S Seshavatharam

U V S Seshavatharam, Speaker at Laser Conference
U V S Seshavatharam
I-Serve, India


U.V.S. Seshavatharam is a mechanical engineer working as an Assistant manager in Quality Assurance department of Srikalahasthi Pipes Ltd, Srikalahasthi, AP, India. He is a honorary member of I-SERVE, Hyderabad, Telengana, India. He is having 100+ publications in numerous peer-reviewed physics journals and availing the kind guidance of retired Prof. S. Lakshminarayana associated with Dept. of  Nuclear  Physics, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, AP, India. His current theoretical interests include Nuclear quantum gravity, Quantum cosmology and Cold  nuclear fusion. In the field of Information Technology, he  is having publications on Virtual Debit/Credit cards, Secured data transactions, Aadhar number based online medical data base for citizens of India and High quality and nominal fee certified online Digital Degree Courses. He is working on developing a theory for preparing gold like costly elements with Tungsten like heavy metals via cold nuclear fusion.