3rd Edition of International Precision Medicine Conference

April 24-26, 2023

April 24 -26, 2023 | Orlando, Florida, USA
2023 Speakers

Paidamoyo Kachambwa

Paidamoyo Kachambwa, Speaker at Precision Medicine USA
Paidamoyo Kachambwa
Mediclinic Precise, South Africa


Paidamoyo Kachambwa works as the Senior Bioinformatician at Mediclinic Precise Southern Africa. Her main role is in developing efforts to better understand genomic data to give greater insights into Precision Health. This is in order to support a holistic approach to delivery of care, preventative and remedial, in a patient’s journey. She has enjoyed and has found that her strength is in diligently stitching the different components needed to deliver successful outcomes. In this and similar roles, she has aided or led in building and completing successful products and projects. This has refined her marketing, and project, product, and team management skills. These services and projects are based mainly in the diagnostic and research space. They utilize data from technologies, which include but is not limited to, NGS e.g., for NIPT and HLA typing; WES and WGS e.g., for rare diseases and panels like the Hereditary Cancer Panel; and lastly Microarray Genotyping e.g., for disease specific arrays like Prostate Cancer, the MADCaP array or wider ranging arrays like the Global Screen Array which can be used inform ancestry. These services and projects have been completed for clients and collaborators locally, in Africa and internationally.

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