2nd Edition of International Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

September 16-17, 2022 (Online Event)

September 16 -17, 2022 | Online Event

Therapeutic Strategies

Therapeutic Strategies

In contrast to the present clinical strategy, which focuses mostly on treating symptoms, regenerative medicine aims to restore tissue or organs that have been damaged by disease, trauma, or congenital abnormalities. Tissue engineering, cellular therapy, medicinal gadgets, and artificial organs are among the technologies employed to achieve these goals. Combinations of these treatments can speed up our natural healing process in areas where it's most required, or take over the function of an organ that's been irreversibly damaged. Regenerative medicine is a relatively young subject that brings together professionals from biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, genetics, medicine, robotics, and other domains to solve some of humanity's most difficult medical challenges. The goal of regenerative medicine is to create and implement innovative treatments to mend tissues and organs and restore function that has been lost due to aging, disease, injury, or abnormalities. In many aspects, the human body has the natural ability to heal itself. Cell therapy and tissue engineering are two therapeutic methods used in regenerative medicine. Cell and tissue cultures are used in cell therapy approaches to replace morphological structures, tissues, and functions. Tissue engineering is a process that combines biological and technical techniques to construct structures and devices such as scaffolds, matrices, and 3D biocompatible materials to complement cell treatment.

Committee Members
Speaker at Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 2022 - Federico Carpi

Federico Carpi

University of Florence, Italy
Speaker at Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 2022 - Alexander Seifalian

Alexander Seifalian

NanoRegMed Ltd, BioScience Innovation Centre, United Kingdom
Speaker at Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 2022 - Nagy Habib

Nagy Habib

MiNA Therapeutics Ltd, United Kingdom
TERM C 2022 Speakers
Speaker at Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine 2022 - Ruben F Pereira

Ruben F Pereira

University of Porto, Portugal

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