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Optics Virtual 2020

Effect of buffer layer on CIGS solar cells: Numerical analysis

Beddiaf Zaidi, Speaker at Beddiaf Zaidi: Speaker for Optics Conference
University of Batna, Algeria
Title : Effect of buffer layer on CIGS solar cells: Numerical analysis


Materials for thin film solar cells are currently the subject of multiple researches in order to reach the highest ratio efficiency/cost. Tin sulfide (SnS) is one of the most promising solar cell absorber materials because it has appropriate optoelectronics properties and cost-effective. Zinc sulfide are the most common material for buffer layer of a heterojunction solar cell. In this work, we study the electrical characteristics of CIGS based solar cells (Current density Jsc short circuit, open circuit voltage VCO, P(V), and C(V)). The one-dimensional SCAPS-1D is used to analyze numerically the performances of CIGS based solar cells.


Dr. Zaidi working as Asst. Prof. in Dept. of Physics at the University of Batna 1. He obtained a doctorate in Physics at the University of Annaba in 2014. He has published a number of research papers in reputed journals, has written one book on solar cells. He acted as an Editor-in-Chief of IJMSA (From 2017 to 2018). He is a potential reviewer for reputed journal papers. He participated in many international conferences serving as a referee, PC member... etc. He is also an Editorial Board member of numerous journals.