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Optics Virtual 2020

Heinrich Hora, Speaker at Heinrich Hora: Speaker for Optics Conference
Keynote Presentation
Heinrich Hora, University of New South Wales, Australia

Following the recent result of a possible design may lead to electric power stations with nuclear energy from fusion of hydrogen H with the boron isotope eleven (HB-11fusion) withoutt any primary radioactive radiation emission,.This nuclear reaction energy is about ten million ti [....] » Read More

Koichi Shimizu, Speaker at Optics Conference
Keynote Presentation
Koichi Shimizu, Waseda University, Japan

Using a near-infrared (NIR) light with 700-1200 nm wavelength, we can visualize the internal structure of an animal body by transillumination imaging. However, the deep structure is severely blurred because of the strong scattering in body tissue. We developed some techniques to [....] » Read More

Saktioto, Speaker at Speaker for Optics Conference
Keynote Presentation
Saktioto, University of Riau, Indonesia

The uniqueness of metamaterial becomes attention in science on the structure and materials to obtain the negative refractive index properties. Applications in the world of metamaterial technology are always intensified to obtain high material media work effectiveness through impr [....] » Read More

Orchidea Maria Lecian, Speaker at Orchidea Maria Lecian: Speaker for Optics Conference
Oral Presentation
Orchidea Maria Lecian, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

The corrections to the wavefunction of a particles can therefore be applied toto the energy levels, and to the phase, respectively: • constrains for the non-relativistic or geometrical corrections, relativistic-particles corrections • optical systems contributions &bull [....] » Read More

Munkhbat Batsaikhan, Speaker at Munkhbat Batsaikhan: Speaker for Optics Conference
Oral Presentation
Munkhbat Batsaikhan, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Severe accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) occurred after 9.0 magnitude earthquake and a huge tsunami that struck the Tohoku region of Japan. During the accident, fuel debris are formed in the Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) and Primary Containment Vessel (PCV [....] » Read More

Ligang Huang, Speaker at Ligang Huang: Speaker for Optics Conference
Oral Presentation
Ligang Huang, Chongqing University, China

With excellent properties of the high purity spectrum and long coherent length, narrow-linewidth lasers can be applied in many fields, such as optical quantum information, low-noise microwave generation, high-resolution spectroscopy, precise sensing, high-speed optical coherent c [....] » Read More

Francesco Dell Olio, Speaker at Francesco Dell’Olio: Speaker for Optics Conference
Oral Presentation
Francesco Dell Olio, Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy

Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) is a well-known powerful nanoplasnonic tool with many medical applications, especially in oncolog Minion Proy. In fact, SERS is becoming a key tool in cancer biomarker detection, tissue histology, and imaging. In the last few years, many e [....] » Read More

Ajmal Khan, Speaker at M. Ajmal Khan: Speaker for Optics Conference
Oral Presentation
Ajmal Khan, RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research, Japan

Typical laser processing uses infrared light, however, due to the high energy absorption rates by metallic materials, demand for a portable short-wavelength deep ultraviolet (DUV) and ultraviolet-B (UVB) laser diodes (LDs) are increasing. UV LDs technology will find extensive app [....] » Read More

Selene Solorza Calderon, Speaker at Selene Solorza Calderon: Speaker for Optics Conference
Oral Presentation
Selene Solorza Calderon, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Mexico

Nowadays, there is an increasing amount of skin diseases. The ultraviolet radiation and tanning beds are the primary risk factors. Early detection of skin diseases is one of today’s priority tasks worldwide. Globally, in 2010, skin diseases were the fourth leading cause of [....] » Read More

Davide Cascella, Speaker at Davide Cascella: Speaker for Optics Conference
Oral Presentation
Davide Cascella, GEM ICT srl, Italy

The continuity of service of the machines during the test cycles is essential for customers. That is why ELES Semiconductor Equipment SpA, manufacturer of machines for testing electronic components, decided to invest in IIoT solutions. In particular, the main objective of this re [....] » Read More

Kiryukhantsev Korneev, Speaker at Kiryukhantsev Korneev: Speaker for Optics Conference
Oral Presentation
Kiryukhantsev Korneev, National University of Science and Technology “MISIS”, Russian Federation

Development of new protective materials is being conducted in a new direction related to solving the global problem of the impact of space debris particles and micrometeoroids on spacecraft. The use of special maneuvering in orbit, as well as protective systems (Whipple shielding [....] » Read More

Prashant Bansilal Patel, Speaker at Prashant Bansilal Patel: Speaker for Optics Conference
Oral Presentation
Prashant Bansilal Patel, DIT, India

Accurate measurement of various concentrations of solids, gases and liquid have become more and more important in chemical analysis, biomedical, food, environmental monitoring and in the semiconductor manufacturing area. This webinar is based on Mach Zehnder Interferometer Wavegu [....] » Read More

Prashant Chauhan, Speaker at Prashant Chauhan: Speaker for Optics Conference
Oral Presentation
Prashant Chauhan, Kaushal Teleportation Lab, India

An intuitive way of performing young’s double slit experiment has been proposed which can mark an end to the longlasting debate of wave-particle duality. Insights related to it have been derived from the understanding of nature which include a hypothesis. Observer effect we [....] » Read More

Yahia Chergui, Speaker at Yahia Chergui: Speaker for Optics Conference
Oral Presentation
Yahia Chergui, Badji Mokhtar University, Algeria

Parallel molecular dynamics becomes today a powerful tool for computational calculations for material sciences, due to its speed and nanoscale of space and time. In this prediction we will use the RAVEN supercomputer of Cardiff University (UK) and the software of dl_poly_4 to fin [....] » Read More

Beddiaf Zaidi, Speaker at Beddiaf Zaidi: Speaker for Optics Conference
Oral Presentation
Beddiaf Zaidi, University of Batna, Algeria

Materials for thin film solar cells are currently the subject of multiple researches in order to reach the highest ratio efficiency/cost. Tin sulfide (SnS) is one of the most promising solar cell absorber materials because it has appropriate optoelectronics properties and cost-ef [....] » Read More

Tatevik Sarukhanyan, Speaker at Tatevik Sarukhanyan: Speaker for Optics Conference
Oral Presentation
Tatevik Sarukhanyan, Yerevan State University, Armenia

Cholesteric liquid crystals (CLC) are the most famous representatives among the one-dimensional (1D) chiral soft photonic crystals. The investigation of liquid crystals (LC) includes a wide range: chemical structure, physical properties and technical applications. In this work, t [....] » Read More

Saadi Berri, Speaker at Saadi Berri: Speaker for Optics Conference
Poster Presentation
Saadi Berri, University of Setif, Algeria

The structural, electronic and optical properties of Cs3Sb2I9 compound with 0-D dimer form (hexagonal SP; P63/mmc, no. 194) and the 2-D layered form (trigonal SP; P3?m1, no.164) phases have been investigated and reported using both FPLAPW and PP-PW methods. The optimized lattice [....] » Read More