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Optics Virtual 2020

Saadi Berri

Saadi Berri, Speaker at Saadi Berri: Speaker for Optics Conference
University of Setif, Algeria
Title : Theoretical analysis of the structural and optoelectronic properties of trigonal and hexagonal Cs3Sb2I9 compound


The structural, electronic and optical properties of Cs3Sb2I9 compound with 0-D dimer form (hexagonal SP; P63/mmc, no. 194) and the 2-D layered form (trigonal SP; P3?m1, no.164) phases have been investigated and reported using both FPLAPW and PP-PW methods. The optimized lattice parameters are found to be ingood accord with experiment. Features such as bulk modulus and its pressure derivative, electronic band structure and density of states are reported. Moreover, the optical properties reveal that Cs3Sb2I9 compound are suitable candidates for optoelectronic devices in the visible and ultraviolet (UV) regions.


Dr. Saadi Berri is interested in the field of spintronic applications. He is author of different articles published in different journals and reviews. Currently, Dr. Saadi Berri is Associate Professor of Physics at University M’sila of Algeria. He is a member at Laboratory for Developing New Materials and their Characterizations, University of Setif 1, Algeria.