Keynote speaker for Climate Change Conference 2020 - Salvo Grasso
Keynote Presentation
Climate Policy: Lessons learned from around the World
Sandra J Garren, Hofstra University, USA

Global carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations have been gradually increasing from 315 parts per million (ppm) in 1959 to 408 ppm from 2018. In 2017, the largest source by far of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions came from China with 9,839 metric tons of CO2 (MtCO2) which is nearly doub [....]

 Plenary speaker for Climate Change Conference - Mattheos Santamouris
Keynote Presentation
The Zero Waste Approach to resource management
Richard Anthony, Zero Waste International Alliance, USA

The genesis of the Zero Waste movement comes from the realization that discarded materials are resources. These resources have been manufactured from a raw state with energy and labor. In the cases of metal and oil they are irreplaceable. The value of that energy and labor is sti [....]

Keynote Speaker for Climate Change Conference 2020 - Azzeddine Oudjehane
Keynote Presentation
The innovation path to a climate positive built environment and resilient cities.
Azzeddine Oudjehane, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada

In 2015, the Paris climate change conference led the way to combat climate change and accelerate and intensify the actions and investments needed for a sustainable low carbon future. In 2017, Mission 2020 released a strategy by which “countries should commit $300 billion an [....]

Keynote speaker for Climate change Conferences 2020 - Salim Momtaz
Keynote Presentation
Keynote speaker for Climate Change Conferences 2020 - Christophis Koroneos
Keynote Presentation
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Christophis Koroneos, University of Western Macedonia, Greece

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Keynote speaker for Climate Change Conferences - Hector M Guevara
Keynote Presentation
Title of Talk will be Updating Soon
Hector M Guevara, NuEnergy Technologies Corp, USA

Electric power may be generated in a highly efficient manner, as demonstrated at NuEnergy’s Clearwater, FL laboratory, by TUV-PTL, as aProof of Concept (POC). Please see attached POC copy, Appendix C, see Page 12. This POC was carried out from both, heat created by focused [....]

Speaker for Climate Change Conferences 2020 - Deborah January-Bevers
Oral Presentation
Six-Step Guide for Making Nature-Based Infrastructure Decisions Comparing the Benefits of Multiple Ecosystem Services
Deborah January Bevers , Houston Wilderness, USA

Natural landscapes serve our well-being in a variety of ways including water purification, flood protection, hurricane protection, carbon capture, recreation and wildlife enhancement. Identifying and understanding the benefits of services provided by local ecosystems can lead t [....]

Speaker for Climate Change Conferences 2020 - Shay Bahramirad
Oral Presentation
Disaster Management
Shay Bahramirad, ComEd, USA

While the increasing frequency of severe weather and visible effects of climate change may make it easier to anticipate the power outages stemming from such events, managing the major health and safety disasters created by widespread power loss remains a formidable challenge acro [....]

Speaker for Climate change Conferences 2020 - Andrey Filipchuk
Oral Presentation
Role of Russian boreal forests in climate change mitigation: Underestimation of the sequestration capacity
Andrey Filipchuk, Federal Forestry Agency, Russia

The published Global Carbon Budget 2019 assessments by the ensemble of models shows an imbalance of about 0.4-0.5 Gt? per year over 2008-2019 []. International experts do not rule out that the imbalance is due to the underestimation o [....]

Speaker for Climate change Conferences 2020 - Ngan Collins
Oral Presentation
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Ngan Collins, RMIT university, Australia

Short Description of what will be discussed during the presentation (about 250 - 500 words) Climate change is a global issue that impacts upon both the environment and human beings. The effect of climate change has been on various regions across the world. Agriculture is one of m [....]

Speaker for Climate Change Conferences 2020 - Sanaz Jahangiri
Oral Presentation
An Improved Emission Inventory Method for Estimating Engine Exhaust Emissions from Ships
Sanaz Jahangiri, University of Tasmania, Australia

The maritime transport industry is recognised as one of the cleanest modes of global transport. It is important to measure engine exhaust emissions to maintain its ecological superiority over road, rail, and other forms of transport.   Emission inventories are needed to e [....]

Speaker for Climate change Conference 2020 - Romain Chesnaux
Oral Presentation
Environmental impacts of shale gas extraction: example of northeastern British Columbia, Canada
Romain Chesnaux, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Canada

Oil and gas well leakage is of public concern primarily due to the perceived risks of aquifer contamination and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This study examined well leakage data from the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission (BC OGC) to identify leakage pathways and initial [....]

Speaker for Climate change Conferences 2020 - Luis Enrique Escalante Ochoa
Oral Presentation
Impact of Climate Change on Labour Markets and Women's Poverty in Bolivia
Luis Enrique Escalante Ochoa, Normandy University, France

Bolivia is a South American country which, given its socio-economic and geographical conditions, is highly sensitive in a context of climate change. In addition, it is a country characterized by problems such as poverty and inequality, which particularly affect the rural populati [....]

Speaker for Climate change Conferences 2020 - Mohmmed Muslim Sheikh
Oral Presentation
Climate Change and its Impact on Society: A Case Study of Rajasthan State, India
Mohmmed Muslim Sheikh, MGS University, India

The state is situated on the north-western part of India. The state is spread over an area of about 340000 sq. km. making it the largest state in the country. The Population of Rajasthan according to the 2011 census at about 68 million, making it the 8th most populated state in I [....]

Plenary speaker for Climate change Conferences 2020 - Salvo Grasso
Keynote Presentation
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Mattheos Santamouris, University of New South Wales, Australia

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Keynote speaker for Climate Change Conferences 2020 - Merritt T Cooke
Keynote Presentation
Implementing Low-Carbon Built Environment Solutions at Scale and Speed
Merritt T Cooke, China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia, USA

China Partnership of Greater Philadelphia (CPGP) forged the Greater Philadelphia (PHL)-Tianjin Economic-technological Development Area (TEDA) partnership in 2011.  In July 2014, the PHL-TEDA partnership formally joined the U.S.-China EcoPartnership program to jumpstart innov [....]

Keynote speaker for Climate Change Conference 2020 - Abhishek Asthana
Keynote Presentation
Evolution and Forecasts of Global Renewable Energy Deployment
Abhishek Asthana, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Total renewable energy consumption in the world is expected to increase by almost 30% over 2019-2024, covering 40% of global energy demand growth. The talk will focus on the analysis of the current renewable energy markets in the world and present forecasts for growth based on th [....]

Keynote speaker for Climate Change Conference 2020 - Salvo Grasso
Keynote Presentation
Recent developments in procedures for the evaluation of liquefaction potential of soils: Italian case studies
Salvatore Grasso, University of Catania, Italy

Earthquake soil liquefaction may be a major cause of damage during strong earthquakes. When using semi-empirical procedures for evaluating liquefaction potential during earthquakes, it is important to use redundant correlations. A large amount of data have been collected in the r [....]

Keynote Speaker for Climate Change Conferences 2020 - Nevenka R. Elezovic
Keynote Presentation
Carbon free supported noble metal nanostructures for green energy production
Nevenka R. Elezovic, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Statement of the problem: The contemporary industrial processes, as well as transportation vehicles power are based on fossil fuels usage. Intensive fossil fuel application leads to the growing environment pollution, causing the "greenhouse effect". During the 20th cent [....]

Keynote speaker for Climate Change Conferences -Pedro Henrique Campello Torres
Keynote Presentation
Inequalities and Climate Change: Addressing the Issue of Justice and Vulnerability
Pedro Henrique Campello Torres, University of Sao Paulo , Brazil

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Keynote speaker for Climate VChange Conferences 2020 - Chengri Ding
Keynote Presentation
Title of Talk will be Updated Soon
Chengri Ding, University of Maryland, USA

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Plenary speaker for Climate Change Conferences 2020 - Brian Caulfield
Keynote Presentation
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Brian Caulfield, University of Dublin, Ireland

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Plenary speaker for Climate Change Conferences 2020 - Christian Pfrang
Keynote Presentation
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Christian Pfrang, University of Birmingham, UK

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Speaker for Climate change Conferences 2020 - Hermann Pengg
Oral Presentation
How to Comply with the Paris Agreement: Global Carbon Pricing According to Carbon Budgets
Hermann Pengg, Audi AG, Germany

Avoiding irreversible climate change as effectively as possible is one of the most pressing challenges of society. Carbon pricing that is uniformly valid on a global and cross-sectoral basis represents a cost-efficient policy tool to meet this challenge. It is shown that a glo [....]

Speaker for Climate change Conferences 2020 - Konan Kouakou Séraphin
Oral Presentation
Impact of climate change on pesticide monitoring in Guessabo Lake and human risk assessment
Konan Kouakou Séraphin, Jean Lorougnon Guédé University, Africa

Ivory Coast lake environments are constantly under pressure from pollutants that come from intensive agriculture. The purpose of this work is to identify the impact of climate change on the quality of water resources and the risks of diffuse pollution linked to fertilizers and ph [....]

Speaker for Climate change Conferences 2020 - Akram Muhildin Abdul Rahman
Oral Presentation
Influence of Temperatures Rise over 48-years on Sulaimaniyah Agroecosystem structure and Nematodes Distribution, creation of a 48-Year Database Map.
Akram Muhildin Abdul Rahman, Bingol University, Turkey

From a studied to collect data’s for temperature degrees during 1973 until 2018 there is clear evidence that show climate change is happening in our region. Data’s show that the average annual temperature rat has raised by almost 1°C, the average of warmest year f [....]

Speaker for Climate change Conferences 2020 - Mourad Terniche
Oral Presentation
The Sanitary Impact of Air Pollution in North Africa
Mourad Terniche, Algiers University, Algeria

The developing countries are faced nowadays, to deterioration of the air quality; many factors are incremented, the most important are the traffic sector and the rapid industrialization. The situation which prevails in emerging countries is not known enough. We consider actually [....]

Speaker for Climate change Conferences 2020 - Omid Alizadeh-Choobari
Oral Presentation
Rapid Arctic warming and its link to the strength of westerly jet stream over West Asia
Omid Alizadeh-Choobari, University of Tehran, Iran

Rapid sea-ice loss and warming of the Arctic within the past few decades may have been contributing to changes in the strength and location of midlatitude jet streams. Using ERA-Interim data for the period 1979-2018, warming of the Arctic compared to midlatitudes and its impact o [....]

Speaker for Climate change Conferences 2020 - Nqobizitha Dube
Oral Presentation
Climate change management in a developing country: Lessons from the perspective of agricultural value chains
Nqobizitha Dube, National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe

This presentation highlights the impact of climate change on horticulture value chains in Zimbabwe that have potential to export to the European Union and United Kingdom markets (UK/EU). The paper provides recommendations on how value chain participants  could  respond [....]