Clara Ines Pardo Martinez, Speaker at Climate Change Congress 2023
Universidad del Rosario, Colombia
Title : Analysis of carbon markets and offset alternatives in the compliance and voluntary schemes to commercialise colombian neutral coal.


This study examines the international carbon market opportunities to commercialise Colombian coal offsets from the forest economy for compliance schemes and the voluntary market within carbon neutral and economic diversification strategies taking into account the opportunities of international carbon markets as instrument to decrease global greenhouse emissions. In recent years, carbon markets in its two modalities (compliance and voluntary) have been growing. To the extent that more drastic policies are generated against emissions and the price of credits and/or offsets, this market manages to be above US$20 by credit. It is estimated that the credits that will have the greatest commercialisation potential are those based on nature and that generate co-benefits. Colombia has multiple possibilities in this regard, that, connected with the commercialisation of carbon, could generate a competitive advantage. The analysis by countries shows that Colombian neutral coal would have great possibilities in the regions and countries studied, taking into account the objectives of the established ETS that in most cases includes the electricity generating sector with a maximum of compensation. Conservatively, this could generate demand for Colombian neutral coal of 5%–10% of the credits and/or required offsets. In the voluntary market, the expectations are positive since many companies that use coal as an input and/or that count on emission reduction objectives could opt for this strategy with the co-benefits that this innovative way of marketing coal has. These elements will be fundamental in the analysis of the carbon neutral strategy in Colombia.

Audience Take Away

  • This paper shows the possibilities of carbon markets, which it is important for companies in the climate change strategy.
  • This study helps to explain carbon markets and possibilities for productive sector.
  •  It offers alternatives to reduce and offset carbon emissions within compliance or voluntary carbon market.


Food, environmental and sanitary engineer, Master in administration and Master executive in direction and management and environmental Systems, PhD in economics, Auditor with experience in advisory services, consulting, teaching researchers in areas such as the environment, environment quality, health and security management and audit systems, implementation and auditing of management integral systems (HSEQ) in different factories and companies of manufacturers and services. With experience in research on energy economics, energy efficiency, climate change, empirical analysis, social responsibility and industrial productivity in developed and developing countries and editorial process.