Seyyed Akbar Sadaty, Speaker at  Climate Change Conferences
Islamic Azad University, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Title : The effects of the low cognitive of process technologies resulting from historical agricultural revolutions of the world on climate, soil and human action


In the past and present world, whatever we have done on earth, we have not got good results. Such results, which are the result of the efforts of various global climatologists, have revealed such a deviation that they require operational change. One of these operational errors that has contributed the most to climate change after the agricultural revolution is agricultural soils. As we know, soil is a source of biological and physicochemical diversity, very intricate and effective with climate, and without soil, the life of all creatures in the world is impossible. Meanwhile, the studies and research conducted in line with the global climate, the most important threats include: Soil erosion, compaction, acidification or alkalization of soil, various biological pollution, salinization, dam construction, nutrient imbalance, reduction of soil organic matter (SOM) and biodiversity, reduction of renewable waters, increase of sinkholes, reduction of living power in Rural areas, process low cognitinve are climate barriers. In this regard, all the world's agricultural lands in the territory; Cultivation of annuals, perennials and pastures are managed, unfortunately, climate-compatible components have shown a downward trend over the past 40 years. So, this multidisciplinary strategic research, which is managed by the (SMM) model, has been prepared and effective with the aim of reducing natural disasters and the negative effects of climate components in this world full of risks.


He is the first strategic multidisciplinary researcher with the (SMM) process in water and soil in the world. He has about 24 years of teaching experience in Payam Noor and Azad Islamic universities in Mazandaran and Golestan provinces, Iran. His great interest has led him to finish his doctorate in the field of soil resource management - physics and soil conservation, in addition to various fields of management. He has refereed more than 300 internal and international articles and has published 46 books in Persian. Due to his effective and efficient activity, he has been selected and received awards more than 10 times as the best writer and researcher of the country and the relevant province (in Iran).