Future Trends in Green Chemistry

Green chemistry attempts to create and manufacture cost-competitive chemical products and processes that reduce pollution at its source, achieving the highest degree of the pollution-prevention hierarchy. Green chemistry is expanding, with interest growing in university and industrial settings.  The hunt for procedures that utilize fewer harmful chemicals, make less waste, and require less energy has progressed. However, there are still numerous obstacles to overcome in the transition to a more sustainable future. Green chemistry may help the environment at every stage of the life cycle, including material extraction, transformation, processing, and manufacturing; packaging, shipping, and distribution; consumer use; and end-of-life management.

  • Green Nanochemistry
  • Supramolecular Chemistry
  • Oxidation Reagents and Catalysts
  • Biometric Multifunctional Reagents
  • Combinatorial Green Chemistry
  • Non-Covalent Derivatization Techniques

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