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Hazardous Waste Management

In cities all throughout the world, solid and hazardous waste management is a serious concern. Waste generated by numerous human activities, both industrial and household, can pose health risks and have a harmful influence on the environment without a comprehensive and efficient waste management program. Hazardous waste management entails lowering the amount of hazardous substances produced, processing hazardous wastes to reduce toxicity, and using sound technical controls to minimize or eliminate exposure to these wastes. Hazardous wastes might be solids, liquids, sludges, or contained gases, and they are primarily produced by chemical, manufacturing, and other industrial processes. They may cause damage as a result of insufficient storage, transportation, treatment, or disposal.

  • Ignitability
  • Corrosively
  • Reactivity
  • Surface storage
  • Landfill storage
  • Deep-well injection

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