ICC 2022

Yong Teng

Yong Teng, Speaker at Cancer Congress 2022
Emory University, United States
Title : Targeting breast cancer metastasis


Increasing evidence indicates that cancer metastasis is regulated by specific genetic pathways independent of those controlling tumorigenesis and cancer growth. WASF3, a Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein family member, appears to play a major role not only in the regulation of actin cytoskeleton dynamics but also in cancer cell invasion/metastasis. Recent studies have highlighted that WASF3 is a master regulator and acts as a pivotal scaffolding protein, bringing the various components of metastatic signaling complexes together both spatially and temporally. Herein, targeting WASF3 at the levels of transcription, protein stability, and phosphorylation holds great promise for metastasis suppression, regardless of the diverse genetic backgrounds associated with tumor development. This review focuses on the critical and distinct contributions of WASF3 in the regulation of signal pathways promoting cancer cell invasion and metastasis.


Dr. Teng is an Associate Professor of the Department of HMO at Emory University. He is an active Winship Cancer Institute member and a fellow of IAAM and RSM. His research interests lie primarily in bridging three major research themes, tumor metabolism, microenvironment, and metastasis, with a special emphasis on several molecular determinants, and translating these discoveries into better therapeutics by integrating novel treatment strategies and drug delivery systems. His team has authored over 100 articles and chapters relating to the mechanistic understanding of cancer progression, treatment resistance, and drug responses, providing a balanced mix of basic and translational science to shed new light on cancer management and research.