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4th Edition of International Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

September 02-04, 2024

September 02 -04, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
TERMC 2022

Michel Leclerc

Michel Leclerc, Speaker at Regenerative Medicine Conferences
Orleans University, France
Title : Xenografts and genomic in cancer research from invertebrates to vertebrates with the sea star as a model of study


We performed ,in 1975, the first heterotransplantation of invertebrate A.O in nude mouse, then a double heterotransplantation of human tumor and Axial organ next to this last one, always in nude mouse: The human tumor was rejected in 50% of observed cases.Some

years later,  we found that A.O cells exerted an induced and spontaneous cytotoxicity against SP2 and MBL2  mouse tumoral cells.Recently, we discovered a sea star Igkappa gene with immune properties. This gene was first, inserted in a CMV(cytomegalovirus)  and finally in a plasmid called « young » plasmid second, in HeK human cells to produce the specific protein.

The induced« young » protein exerted a spontaneous cytotoxicity against osteosarcom cells (U2oS cells) against A-375  melanome cells and Hela cells


Michel, Leclerc was born at St Benoit sur Loire (France) Dr es Sciences(Immunology, Cellular Biology) Last Position: Director of the Lab. Immunologie des Invertebres. 
He has many skills in Cellular and humoral Immunology, Biosynthesis of Proteins, Cancerology, and Genomics. 
He has 305 publications which are summarized in the Researchgate site
Last research: Since 2010 

  • Genomic (10 books edited in Germany) 1 Patent. 
  • Immunology: Discovery of The sea star Igkappa gene, primitive antibody, sea star B and T lymphocytes. 
  • Cancerology: collaboration to Gustave Roussy: Action of the sea star Igkappa gene against MSC, human cancerous cells. 
  • 305 publications (Researchgate: Michel Leclerc) 
  • specialist, Invertebrates.Immune cells, IPA: invertebrate primitive antibody, Comparative Immunology Genomics, Flow Cytometry live at Sandillon 45640 (France)

His attempt to compare the sea star IGKappa gene, the Ophuirid IGKappa gene, the Crinoïd IGKappa gene with IGKappa genes of Lower Vertebrates and Human IGKappa genes. He recalls that the sea star (IGK) resembles the IG gene of Zebrafish. Echinodermata (sea stars)(Ophuirids) (Crinoïds) present an Innate and Adaptative Immunity. He needs a good laboratory, eminent researchers, to carry on this research.